Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!



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    Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by cassandrakhaw on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:53 am

    Er. First and foremost, if I'm on the wrong thread, feel free to pull out the hammer and beat me over the head, moderators.

    That said, hi there! As the title implies, we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community. We're curious about every level of it! Which are the biggest Covenants? Who are the most influential members? How is PvP policed? Is it policed? It would appear that there's an RP community as well. Who can tell me more about that? When so many people have given up and departed, why do you remain? 

    Feel free to leave a comment, or private message me. Looking forward to hearing from you folk!
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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Tolvo on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:02 am

    Unfortunately I'm about to head to sleep, but people can explain further as they get up and online.  For some quick simple answers.

    Biggest covenants would likely be Darkwraith, many people love to invade as Darkwraith since it is one of the main ways to PvP in game.  After that, possibly Warriors of sunlight, that is more a general thing we are more invader oriented on this site so we don't have as many WoS.  There are quite a few Forest Hunter as well.  Most influential members, well for the general community it would be people like EpicNameBro.  If you are talking about just this site, I suppose I am one, Emergence, Serious_Much, WhatDoesThePendantDo, it's hard to list everyone in such a sleepy state.  PvP really isn't policed, people have common sorts of ettiquet but even that varies a lot.  The only real thing that is seen as a standard is no healing during duels.  A sometimes more held one is to bow before duels.  Otherwise things are mostly chaotic, with only organized events having any sort of policing.  The RP community is fairly small, sometimes it sprouts up and people get interested but it often doesn't last too long.  The only case is with player made covenants, where they stick around.  But those can be pretty fickle.  Why do I remain?  Well, I like to help people.  I like to point people towards answers, help them understand the lore, teach them how to fight, and bring information to the community when I can.  It's become a sort of social site to me as a result, so I stick around.  For just Dark Souls, I really enjoy the game.  I love the challenge it gives, I'm used to hard games but often they have a high level of chance or statistics.  In Dark Souls, I can beat the game at level 1 and take no damage throughout the whole game, if I'm good enough.  That's a real draw to me, along with the cryptic lore, and other such features.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Isirith on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:00 am

    As far as I've been able to tell User made Covenants are always buzzing and planning events.
    Can't say I've ever participated in one though sad
    Much like Tolvo said I don't think PvP is policed here, we all seem to just accept that, you bow before hand and you don't heal during.
    I don't know much about the RP community if I'm honest.
    Although I remember cosplays being pretty hot a couple weeks/months ago, not sure if they still are.
    Helll I still have 20 cosplays spread over mine and my partner's account.

    Why do we remain? On the game or the website?
    Website - The people here are fantastic, you can really get into a debate with so many people.
    Ok the occasional douché comes along and gets abit uh.. 'hairy' about a certain topic. But all in all I quite like the level of activity that goes on.
    Game - I like being able to do speed runs, normal runs, cosplay runs and whatever runs you can think of!
    I really got into the cosplaying happy
    I like that it gets more and more difficult.

    Sorry I'm a little tired, just woken up.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Serious_Much on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:08 am

    Guess I'll try to go in order:

    Biggest Covenants:
    In terms of general covs everyone is in, I guess it's easy to that say it's either the Darkwraiths or the Sunbros. One if you're pvping, one if you're cooping. Others get used as well such as the gravelords, Forest Hunters and occasionally the darkmoons, but they're not anywhere near as popular.

    Influential members:
    There are quite a few here. The first people I have to give a shout out to are FexDS, Emergence and Ublug. They have run the forums and our wiki since day 1, and have ensured the forums have the best atmosphere possible. I've been on both sides of the lot of them, and from being around them for over 1 1/2 years I can say we're lucky to have them guiding the way.

    From the general members of the forum, there's quite a few. Tolvo who posted above has created hordes of threads that are useful for players both new and old. Members such as Blaine and Retro have tirelessly done research about the game and have really 'mythbusted' a lot of stuff that we really had no idea about for a long time. DxV basically wrote the rule book on gravelording and really helped pave the way for the wider use of the Gravelord covenant. We've had popular youtubers here such as Rosie and Jblackmel, but sadly both no longer upload. The final member I'll mention is RANT. He created the first Dark Souls fightclub on this forum. His leading of that basically popularised the concept of fight clubs using hosting duels. Obviously things like that have existed before, but the scale it is now used throughout the online community as a whole and the fact the method is now used for forum events shows how influential it was.

    General PvP isn't policied. Since day one the admins have encouraged all forms of pvp to be looked at in an objective way, and to understand that there are a variety of ways to play the game.  However still there are things that the community generally disagrees with such as ganking and healing mid fight.

    In terms of other parts of the forum, we have had and continue to run fight clubs, have both forum wide and more grouped events. Those generally have rules, both for roleplay reasons and for to shape the way the fights go. The fightclubs vary from fairly restricted rules to completely anything goes clubs, while the events usually have themes to make them more interesting, and to encourage people to play in a different way or with diifferent weapons than they usually would. Good examples of that are the legit low level event (only use equipment available before a certain point in the game) and the dragon weapon event.

    The Roleplay section (User Covenants):
    Really this is a tough one as it has varied so much. Many covenants run well for months and then fade out because core members stop playing or leave the forum. Off the top of my head there's 3 or 4 large user covs that disappeared due to that.

    This really was born from the first user covenants when they were created- Airglow (Now Nightwatch, though really defunct as far as the forum population goes), was the first user covenant, which I helped set up with another former member, StrikBH (who was on the old wiki based forum, and never came back) and the also now defunct Assassins of vinheim. Pretty much the creation of these led people to wanting a section for it. Who suggested it, I don't know.. perhaps someone will come forward. I hope they do anyways silly

    The section is for user covenants- groups of individuals that the leaders and key members create lore and a story for, create a concept for the covenant and usually choose an in game covenant to base it in. Shown by covs such as the darkstalkers (Wraiths) and The Sunlight Coalition (sunbros). However, there are covs which don't specify covenants and which can use anything really like the Exiled of Ariamis.

    Right now the cov section is dwindling a tad due to the low number of people still visiting the forum, but the strongest covs are the Darkstalkers and the Exiled of Ariamis. Both very invasion focused. However, while the activity is lacking we still see events (such as the recurring 2v2 guerilla warefare event done by the Exiled), that are held by each of the covenants for everyone to join in. I hope that when the next game comes, the cov section will thrive again, and hopefully at the height of it's popularity that section will be rife with unique ideas and fun events.

    The Departed and Why I remain:
    Really people depart as they tire from the game, however generally they never permanently leave :PThe game and this community is so good and addictive that people can't help but come back. You regularly see people announce that they're 'leaving' in off topic and then a few months later they're back. It's just a regular occurrence and I feel a testament to the community and the game that some on here have event spent in the thousands of hours playing (I can't profess to have done that myself)

    Why I remain here? Well, even before I had moderation roles to undertake, even when I didn't play the game I still come here as the community is great. Talking to people about dark souls, debating, taking part in the covenant scene, lore discussion, as well as talk in the off topic sections. The fact is here we are a close knit community. While this is not as evident right now due to the fact that fewer people remain, the fact that people come here even just to talk to others in the community in the off topic section shows how great this place is.

    The other fact is, I've probably spent more time on the forum than playing the game, and while with around 700 hours clocked in game that may be a worrying figure, it's a testament to the community.

    If you have any more questions you'd like to ask please contact me via PM happy

    Also I'm moving this to the forum discussion section, as this is very much the most literal discussion of the forum I have ever seen silly

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by raecor14 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:19 am

    to answer all of your questions. 1. there is no policing of the game, merely of the form to try and minimize hacking. influential members? well that depends, i guess anyone with a decent following on YouTube can make a massive impact on a game that is, admittedly running a little low on traffic. biggest in game covenant? darkwraith for the obvious reason of easy PVP. why stay when so many have left? because unlike most games in an time that makes every game straightforward or "arty" this game can combine it all into one and the community is most accepting which is a change.


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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by FexDS on Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:46 am

    Hi! Praise the Sun 

    First of all, I'm really happy to see more interest in the community! However I feel that to truly understand what that word means to us, the nature of the game and how that affected the players needs to be explained.

    FromSoftware are known for creating addictive games, in which they stick to simple basics and add layers upon layers of small augments that give the audience enough for imagination and creativity to take over.

    Demon's Souls started the trend by presenting an "old school" RPG that gave you little to no explanation of the world, the npcs, your character, your skills, the enemies, the upcoming dangers or available opportunities. The combat and mechanics are simple and equally unforgiving, and the whole world is set to brutally punish reckless behavior. They also introduced a balanced merge of solo and multiplayer by enforcing isolation - no voicechat, no lobby, no summon your friend - and giving players instead limited messages to communicate with each other by etching messages onto the walls and floors of the game itself.

    The ensuing shock of the players as they were thrown into a world set against them with simple rules that were equally simply beyond reach forced them to seek one another, to share knowledge and explore the world. Thus the first wiki (our sister Jp site Livedoor) was born. The developers "accidentally" created a fervent and communicative fanbase by providing little to no guidance, and as the game saw international release and Dark Souls was announced, players from all over the world started to plan how they would help each other through their solitary journeys.

    We created the English wiki with a group of friends from Playstation Boards, and we now have over 16000 members just on the English Wiki, with dedicated translations to 7 languages. Two years after release, we continue to welcome new members weekly and the chatango for the wiki averages 1000 users online. Why? Because we all found that we couldn't best the game by ourselves, we couldn't figure out all the secrets, we couldn't put together all the lore, we couldn't think of every build. That is the core and the base of this community and the reason I believe it has endured unbalanced moments in pvp, glitchy co-op and flickering graphic bugs. Because above all it forced the playerbase to seek each other out by other means and learn and teach each other and as a meta-team beat the real meta-game.

    Everything else that we enjoy and do here, in twitch, in youtube, on other boards is a byproduct of the amazing challenge set forward by FromSoftware.

    With that said, to your specific questions

    Who are the most influential members?
    I personally believe that it is often the heroes unsung who have done the most. Users with large youtube or stream followings of course play a part on the "mood" of the community however the real influence is and has always been from the random person who notices a detail is wrong and comes to quietly fix it, or posts a question about the lore and triggers a 75 page debate, or asks for help in chatango and gets 15 replies so fast he can't read them all. Yes, the noobies are the most influential because they are the know-it-alls of later on. We all do our part to give the sites structure but it is the constant influx of players and questions that keeps the community thriving even at its slow times and as the heroes of yesterday move on to other games.

    Which are the biggest Covenants?
    This late in the lifecycle of the game, PvP covenants are the most frequented ones. However once upon a time, the Warriors of Sunlight were the most popular and most influential, triggering all sorts of memes, funnies and even cosplay.

    How is PvP policied?
    The developer does not police the online aspects of the game so the community must find its own comfort zones with the given tools. There is an unfortunate abundance of hackers on some segments, however our users have found that clever usage of forums and chatrooms can lead to tailor-made and satisfying PvP. The wiki hosts rule-enforced Fightclub tournaments and we promote Covenant and other events through Sony's Playstation Calendar and forums as well, resulting in high participation and enjoyment without any risk of frustration from exploits or what are considered "cheap" tactics. Evil Fex 

    RP community
    Our user covenants and lore bookworms have found wonderful trends in the game's story proposal and woven it into a fascinating scene. I thoroughly enjoy the events put together by them and the ongoing banter. The Japanese community often has "cosplay tournaments" where each participant must utilize equipment and skills from a specific NPC. The developer intended to encourage lore-seeking and player coalitions and it has resulted in some of the most interesting articles we've had in the wiki and the community at large.

    Remaining vs Departing
    They may have checked out... but they can never leave. March 2014 winking

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Devokai on Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:35 pm

    I feel everything I would have said has already been said in this thread. BUT if you would like to voice chat 1 on 1 or with whoever else over there might want to join in I feel I could give you great incite to our community and the way the game itself has developed us into what we are today. Although I only have my opinion and no one else' to offer I'd be happy to help in anyway I can and am very knowledgeable about everything related to the game and it's community although my forum activity would probably suggest otherwise. I'm invested elsewhere usually and lurking goes a long way silly

    Anyhow if you'd like to take me up on the offer contact me via PM or simply add me on skype, Moizzy13 is my name there. Really great to see outside interest in our community; it almost brings a little tear of pride to one's eye haha. Good luck with however you decide to go about getting this article done and I look forward to reading it if it ends up on the site!  happy

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by GREAWOUS on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:08 pm

    Everyone before me have pretty much explained everything important already. But I feel that the most important people of the community are the ones who help the new guys. The everyday heroes of the Wiki Chat who tirelessly have to type the same things to explain things from, how to calculate summoning ranges or the basics of invading, to which weapon is the "best" and navigating through an area. I feel the first impression those people get are the most important because that defines the community in a whole, are we elitist's or friends who pat on your back and tell you "We've been there too, we hated the Anor Londo archers too".

    The beauty of Dark Souls in my opinion is that there's a play style for everyone. Playing the game with a slightly different character build, or choosing a different covenant, can have a huge impact on your vision of the game. For example a Darkwraith could gather his souls, to level up or upgrade his weapons, by invading and killing another player and seem like a douchebag for doing so. Or a Sunlight Warrior could help the others to defeat the enemies in their worlds, and possibly even receive a message thanking him.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by twigsterxd on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:18 pm

    I have to give kudos to the guy above me.
    Well done makin this your first post. And to the OP, can you please post a link to the article in here so we don't miss it?

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by WhatDoesThePendantDo? on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:20 pm

    First of all, what a thread! Both the OP and all the respondents have created what is probably this week's best thread to this point. Bravo! applause 

    Now, to your questions...

    Covenants - I favor the Forest Hunters and the Darkwraiths, though it is pretty clear that the Darkwraiths are bigger. Other big ones would include your meme-afied SunBros and your Dorkmoons. In the tier after that probably come your Gravelords.

    Members - This varies from person to person, really. Aside from your obvious Tolvos and Emergences you have people that have personally impacted you just a friend, someone you like to talk to or someone helped you in-game with getting past a tough boss or with rare item drops. Some of these people for me have been Marino, skarekrow13, Reaperfan, Wade_Wilson, Rynn, VS, GT, and, of course, WaLKA whose leveling service has provided me with so much help in the latter part of of my Dark Souls career. Thanks, everyone. big hug 

    PvP - Just read any posts made by Animaaal or Saturday-Saint and you may find examples of members trying to do just that....., to no avail of course. Live and let live is my policy on this one.

    RP - The User Covenants are the big ones and I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am on a daily basis with all the covenant leaders, the recruiting, the organizing, the morale boosting, it really is a full-time job and they do a superlative job, they do. These UCs allow players to dig into the lore of the world the game provides us and comes away with their own interpretations, their own heroes, their own definition of duty. Having said that, the UCs (moreso in the past) have tended to become important parts of people's gaming lives and break-ups have sometimes been acrimonious which kinda sucks but again displays the pull these groups end up having on people.

    Why I stay? - Well, I am a deviant and this site is remarkably accommodating to trolls like me, and, believe me, I say that in a good way. But really I stay for the camaraderie and I stay because people seem to want me around (for the most part) and it's always nice to check-in to a place where you feel like you belong. :estus: 

    As others have said, if you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me. My PM is there to be used.pony01 


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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Emergence on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:39 pm

    Fex's post speaks for me on this. The game was designed for collaboration and selfless and often anonymous giving of time and knowledge and the wiki embodies that spirit. What we have here for strength as a community is that no one person hovers above. We all struggled at launch and as we progressed we all helped those new to the struggle. The most important people are everyone who came around to share info, ask questions, make edits, link up and try new things. Whether you have a massive online following or you're a quiet behind the scenes mass wiki contributor, the strength of the community has always been that anyone can make a contribution, and every and any contribution is a vital piece of the puzzle.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by skarekrow13 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:41 pm

    I stick around for taco night mostly.

    Also, what everyone else said.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by GrinTwist on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:57 pm

     Which are the biggest covenants?
    The biggest in-game covenants that you can find are probably the Darkwraiths for the purpose of invading other players. After that you'll have the Warriors of Sunlight who are there for jolly co-op. The other two covenants that are popular are the Darkmoons which are about the equivalent of Darkwraiths, but invade for different reasons, and the Forest Hunters which are limited to a select area but deal with some of the more intense aspects of PVP.

    Who are the most influential members?
    I'd say whoever makes threads about Dark Souls when it comes to either PVP, PVE, co-op, or the lore or whoever helps others with item trading. Few people come to mind like Tolvo, RANT, Animal, and me Saturday-Saint.

    How is PVP policed?
    I'd say the only thing that everyone is against is hacking. Most of the time though no one is here to police the way you wish to play in PVP because there are so many different styles to choose and make within PVP.

    RP - The user made covenants here are a big thing for a quite a few people because of the events that they host. I'd have to say the most interesting part of them aside from events is the lore that they use within their covenants.

    Why do you stay?
    For fun, I love the community here and I still find enjoyment from coming here and posting. That's not to mention that I have made friends with a few people here too. Oh and like Skare, I love taco night!

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by SirArchmage on Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:53 pm

    Influential people? Well, pretty much everyone that posted above me. And a few others. Lot of people on this forum that have contributed in big ways, as I have seen.

    Covenants? I have a vague idea that there might be a section for that on the forum straight face I know nothing about them.

    PvP? I just swing my sword at anything that moves and hope it dies soon enough. Nothing really is policed though. Even griefing people is laughed at sometimes. The only thing that is really policed is that there is a general consensus of not using modded items and/or hacks.

    RP community? No idea either straight face 

    Why do I stay? Too many chances to make smartass jokes.
    Also the people here are pretty cool.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Ahhotep1 on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:22 am

    Really all that has been said is so true and has been said well!

    Our leadership, the Admins and all Mods, have created for us an environment that encourages freedom of thought, creativity and experimentation. They provide and maintain the template through which this synergistic community thrives.

    And from that template others have given form and shape to our wonderful and ever growing knowledge base. Their contributions to our extensive wiki never ceases and they are forever looking for new and better ways to enhance our experience.

    All the members of this community are the Life-Blood of this Forum. They bring knowledge, wisdom, warmth, and comedy. But most important of all they bring Friendship and Support in all manner of form.

    As for the game, it has been taken to a whole new level of involvement that a solo player in the "wild", or even with friends, can not experience. It has become a community based meta-game.

    I stay because it has become a community of people that I care about...pure and simple.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Lord of Ash on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:47 am

    Covenant-Forest hunters
    Members-wilkinson3424 reim007 ahootep sentinel the admins oh and i trade and hunt a lot
    Dark souls is a game that only gets beter the more people play it and the more people join the forums to get in touch to other players learn the lore and just become a dark souls warrior

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by crbngville2 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:46 pm

    If you want to trace lineage, this site is the direct result of the most involved members of the official Playstation Forum for Demon's Souls. A quick glance at the post numbers from the Demon's Souls PS forum as compared to the Dark Souls PS forum will give you a very good idea at the amount of traffic that changed places.

    What keeps most of us playing is the PVP/Coop side of this game. The lore and and execution of hard but rewarding gameplay can be attributed to the endearing love players have for Dark Souls and Demon's Soul.

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

    Post by Jester's Tears on Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:09 pm

    skarekrow13 wrote:I stick around for taco night mostly.

    Also, what everyone else said.  

     Wai- Wai-, Wai-, WAIT. 
    This forum had Taco Nights? I love this forum even more now.

    Forum also got a lot of friendly humoristic people big grin

    PSN: BerzekerS
    I can be a sarcastic Bastard. I can be an Ironic Bastard. I can also be a Bastard
     Well What is it Cheers! Well What is it 

    Live Life Smiling. Dying is No Excuse for stopping   :mask-averice:

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    Re: Hi! I'm from US Gamer, sister site to Eurogamer, and we're looking to do a feature on the Dark Souls community!

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