need boss souls and slabs PSN SL:88 and rising


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    need boss souls and slabs PSN SL:88 and rising

    Post by jakstermon12 on Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:04 am

    I just started NG+ and I want this to be my last playthrough but I want all acheveiments. I need a sif gwyndolin and gwyn soul. As for slabs I only need a regular slab and a blue slab but if you have others you wish to relinquish I'll take those. I don't have much or anything useful for that matter. But I'll try and trade what I got. In game tag is VengefulNight72. I'll be on till 3 am tonight EST and I'll be on after ten thirty tommorrow EST. Thanks in advance. BTW message me in game and not on here. My laptop sucks and i have no desktop.

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