Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More



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    Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

    Post by Groubel on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:23 pm

    Hey guys/girls

    So, I've just started exploring the lore in DaS, and, while fascinating, I personally think it is also one of the most ambiguous, vague, and overall just complex lore ever encountered in a videogame. It's as if FS not only wanted to make the gameplay challenging (to say the least) but the story/lore just as well, if not harder (at least for me, lol.)

    Having that said, I have some questions that I would very much like answered:

    #1: Who is the Chosen Undead? More specifically, who was he before he turned Undead? I've read some theories suggesting that  he is the Furtive Pygmy, is this most likely the case? If he is, then why would he lit the Bonfires, and, how I understand it, consequently prolong the Age of Light? If this theory is correct, then isn't the ultimate goal for the Chosen Undead/Pygmy to usher in an Age of Darkness? I don't know, litting most of the Bonfires seems kind of counter-productive to me, lol.

    2#: Why does Gwynn (and all the other Lords for that matter) fear Humans so much? Is Humanity somehow linked to the Age of Darkness?  

    3#: What does it mean to be a Dark Lord? What benefit would it serve us? The Age of Dark will inevitably devour everyone and everything, so in a way it resembles the Age of Light; the only difference being is that you rule during that Age, whereas in the Age of Light Gwynn rules at the cost of sacrificing his Humanity (or Soul?), but, just again, delaying the inevitable. Do both Gwynn and the Chosen Undead want to rule over the world for as long as they can, since they know that one day everything will come to an end? Is the Dark Lord even capable of dying? If not, there would be practically nothing to rule over in the end, aside from the Primordial Serpents (though they do seem a bit sketchy, I wonder if they might have an agenda of their own.) They might genuinely want you to rule, but I don't see how it would be beneficial to them in any way. Maybe they just are your loyal subjects and there is nothing more to it.

    These are probably dumb questions, but I've spent practically all day watching lore videos on YT and there's just so much information flooding in right now, I guess I simply can't process it all or lay together the pieces, lol :L.

    It means alot if you guys could answer all this, though happy. Cheers!


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    Re: Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

    Post by homelessguy on Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:34 pm

    hi good question's I don't know 100% but

    I pretty sure the chosen undead is just a title given to the undead who can earn the lord vessels. it's not to do with your birth or any special power's

    Gwyn and the lords fear humanity as they are descendant's of the pygmy.Every human holds a part of the dark soul which is the only lord souls to gain power over time giving every human the chance to surpass the god's (a good example of a human with god like strength is Havel. now let's think if 1000s human's got to his tier of strength and disliked the god's)

    as for dark lord ending I have no clue. one thing to go on is that dark souls 2 is a few 1000s years ahead of dark souls 1 and will hopefully be explained in dark souls 2
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    Re: Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

    Post by GrinTwist on Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:43 am

    Nothing is a dumb question in the archives.

    Well first off the Chosen Undead is merely whomever can pass through Sen's, acquire the Lordvessel, kill all of the holder's of the Lord Souls and then kill Gwyn or at least has the potential to do so. You see it's nothing more than a title given to those that can be used as pawns by the primordial serpents, an example of this is the only way we can talk to either of them is by ringing both bells or killing the four kings which are not easy feats within the lore. The title really means nothing to be honest, it's just a ploy that is used to strengthen the will power of the undead warrior fortunate enough to pass through the trails set before them.

    Why are the lord's afraid the humans? It's essentially because humans themselves have darkness that we find within the abyss inside of themselves. You see humanity itself was 'created' by the Dark Soul which in itself was becoming more powerful as we see within the DLC, the humans rising to power in a way signifies how the age of darkness is coming to be and how the age of light is fading. The lords are afraid of the inevitable change that will eventually blot out their time and so they either try to prevent it or run from it.

    Gwyn is an example of a man that tried to change it, in a way he only fails his already fruitless attempt if you don't kindle the flame however if you do his will to keep the age of light lives on with you as you burn. If you don't, well one of the last things keeping the age of darkness from coming forth is gone and the age of dark begins.

    The dark lord? It could be many things. The dark lord could not only be the symbol of the age of darkness but the first hero to bring it into existence. The dark lord could be the new leader of the coming age that will without a doubt bring confusion and troubles to the humans already alive, the one that helps humanity with the troubles that the humans find. On the other hand it could just be like the title of the Chosen Undead, another title used to further encourage an undead to serve the will of the primordial serpents. It really all depends on what the 'Age of Darkness' really is and what it will actually bring for everyone alive and undead. So the last question is kind of hard to answer because of the speculation involved.

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    Re: Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

    Post by Acarnatia on Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:25 am

    Well, there's theories both ways about the Chosen Undead. Players disagree on whether the Chosen Undead is an actual prophesied hero, of just a title given to the undead who rings the Bells of Awakening and obtains the Lordvessal to make them think they are and open them up to being manipulated through that false self-image.

    The gods fear humans because humans are inherently connected to the Dark. Humanity, the very essence of what makes them human, is actually a fraction of the Dark Soul; humans literally inherently contain the essence of the Dark.

    Most of the evidence points to the Dark Lord being a negative thing for all involved, humanity included, regardless of what Kaathe says. Look at the New Londo Ruins and Oolacile; they have become hellish places of animosity, mutation and rampant destruction.
    There are differing opinions on the Serpents as well, ranging that they are manipulating the Chosen Undead, to being willing servants as well. With what's actually granted to us in the lore, individual players ultimately have to decide that one for themselves. However, if Kaathe is actually being honest about the Darkwraiths failing him somehow, the Dark/Abyss may not actually be such a terrible place if used 'correctly.' There really isn't enough information on the Serpents themselves to make a strong opinion based on evidence, only on opinion.
    Whether the Dark Lord is merely the harbinger of the Age of Dark or a new God-like being who rules over it indefinitely is, again, uncertain, as there just isn't much information on that. That's mostly a matter of speculation,
    One of the things that IS known about ushering in the Age of Dark is that it will be cataclysmic for the stranglehold of power the Gods have over humanity. Several npcs besides servants of the Dark talk quiet openly atrocities committed by this God-serving society, besides the wealth of lies on the God's part revealed in-game.
    While there is actually the possibility that the Dark ending could be a 'good ending' depending on what exactly the Age of Darkness is, what evidence we have suggests otherwise. This video sums up the endings pretty well. On an interesting note, both the 'random fighter falsely lead to believe they're a foretold hero' and 'actually a foretold hero chosen by fate' work for this.
    This video describes it pretty well. This guy does a lot on Dark Lore.

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    Re: Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

    Post by Groubel on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:04 pm

    Thanks a lot for shedding some light on this, lads! Makes me sleep easier at night, haha lol.

    I do have one more question, if you would indulge me..:

    If the Pygmy theory proves to be true, do you think the Chosen Undead is aware that he a descendant/reincarnation? Or is he clueless about it untill Kaathe educates him on this?

    I really hope From will make the story and lore more prominent in DaS 2. Both Souls games have beautiful lore but for some reason they have hidden it away very well; deliberately, or not.

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    Re: Some questions concerning the Chosen Undead & More

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