I'm looking for some responses for a research paper I'm writing on Dark Souls


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    I'm looking for some responses for a research paper I'm writing on Dark Souls

    Post by madjawa on Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:51 pm

    As a new member, I'm unable to post the link to my survey, is there any workaround or should I re-vamp it into a wall of text-post?
    EDIT: As I can't link the survey, you can find it on the dark souls Reddit page, as well as the steam community page for Dark Souls. Thanks!

    More Info: I am currently in a Japanese Popular Culture class in college, where we are doing a semester-long project on any item from Japanese popular culture we choose. Not being much of an otaku, I immediately decided I wanted to focus on Dark Souls, as it's from Japan and whatnot. Some of the research questions I've developed so far are as follows:

    • What role does the game’s Japanese origin play in terms of the games setting (medieval) plot (minimalist) and mechanics (widely renowned as one of the hardest games of this generation)?
    • In what way does the actively engaged fan community of the game contribute to interpreting the games complex narrative, and what kind of energy do these fan interactions promote?
    • What is/ is there much difference between the Japanese fan base of the Dark Souls franchise and the worldwide audience?

    Thus far most of my research has come from editorials and developer interviews about the game or FROMsoft, but I'm also planning on doing some more hands-on research in the form of this survey

    Other questions I would love to have answered in comments:

    What are some other questions I should be asking and looking into in this kind of paper?

    Any sources I would be absolutely insane to not use?

    Also, for some introductory comments and the like, if you folks could do me a solid and describe your dark souls experience in a sentence or two in a comment, It'd be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: I'm looking for some responses for a research paper I'm writing on Dark Souls

    Post by Yarxov on Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:14 pm

    Contrary to common perception, Dark Souls does have deep lore and back story. Yes the plot is fairly straightforward (with immense twists that you'll only catch if you pay attention) it is simply not as spelled out but very much existent.

    Dark Souls remains my favorite game not because of its 'difficulty' or mechanics, but the immersive atmosphere throughout the game perfectly accentuates each area, and ultimately the entire interconnected world. You can see the Demon Ruins from the Catacombs and see how the ruinous setting you see around you brought ruin to a once blossoming society. The boarded homes in The Burg showing It was like a plague, and in the Archives the two crying Pisaca's adding a deep sense of humanity to the game. You are playing a book, a painting and a legend all at once.

    My $0.05 (little more than .02)

    You can post your paper in 'spoiler' '/spoiler' tags. Just replace the ' with brackets. ([ ])

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