Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield


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    Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

    Post by Sasquast on Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:37 am

    Which of these is the best shields to defend magic?

    The Crystal Ring Shield has 90% defense against magic, but stability is only 40. Already Crest Shield, has 80%, 10 less, but stability is 66. I always wondered what is better: Use the CRS or the Crest Shield. I ask this because I think that the CRS will block 90% of the damage of the spell, however, will consume all the stamina and open guard, leaving open to take a huge damage. Already Crest shield will pass some of the damage, but at least it will consume less stamina. So what is better, defend almost any major damage, but get no stamina, or partially uphold the damage, but still have enough stamina to continue?
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    Re: Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

    Post by Soul of Stray Demon on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:54 pm

    By far I would say crest shield, not only does that stability help, you can also partial parry the magic (once you practice enough) and barely take any damage at all. It would also help whole a lot more against a buffed attacker or any form of spell sword.

    Advantages the Crest Shield has over the Crystal Ring Shield.

    1. More stability,

    2. Higher Physical Reduction.

    3. The ability to parry attacks, (you can even partial parry magic and really reduce the damage,)

    4. Higher lightning defense, (only by 5, and not that this matters anyway)

    Advantages the Crystal Ring Shield has over the Crest Shield.

    1. The ring attack, (too weak to be worth anything though)

    2. Slightly higher mag res, and higher fire res, (although for fire, just use dragon crest.)

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    Re: Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

    Post by Tolvo on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:57 pm

    Crest shield is just over all more versatile so in most situations I would suggest it, against some enemies like the Four Kings I do go Crystal Ring Shield for blocking their blast attacks or projectiles since they take time to do another attack unless multiple are present. Otherwise go Crest, even the Moonlight Butterfly can attack rapidly so it can take advantage of a guard break, players can as well. Only for big burst hits from slow attacking magic enemies would i recommend the Crystal Shield.

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    Re: Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

    Post by Seignar on Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:51 pm

    My answer: Neither. You use the Special Armor called "Rolling" which gives you a passive 100% Damage reduction and 999 Poise, then you never have to worry about blocking ever again!

    In all seriousness: Crest Shield. Fact is the Crest Shield protects you against Chip Damage from physical attacks, let's you block consistently and, most importantly, lets you parry. If you ever feel desperate enough to need 10% more resistance for one element, there are various ways to go about it:

    - Havel's Greatshield [STR]
    - Great Magic Barrier [FAI]
    - Strong Magic Shield [INT]

    Now, if by some chance you're a pure DEX character, please re-read the first paragraph you...should still use the Crest Shield. The 10% extra is not worth it, with the exception for 3 specific attacks and, in those 3 specific cases, the Crest Shield does just as good job.


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    Re: Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

    Post by reim0027 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:17 pm

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    Re: Magic Defense - Crystal Ring Shield Vs Crest Shield

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