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    A few nifty online techniques


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    A few nifty online techniques Empty A few nifty online techniques

    Post by BadBlanket on Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:52 pm

    I made my account just to spread what I found out today, they probably already have been thought up and if so, cool. If this is new and not in the Wiki (I couldn't locate them) then it would be a nice thing to add as a notation. =)

    First thing is learning how to avoid invasions. Some people don't like being invaded, me being one of them. Normally I wouldn't mind invasions but there are a lot of advanced techniques out there that can really ruin your day.
    Okay, this involved the white soapstone. Placing down your soul sign makes it so that you cannot be invaded but you cannot summon. If you cannot be invaded with your soul sign down then you cannot place your soul sign down if you're invaded. To take advantage of this, just keep your soul sign at the ready (don't place it down but keep it in your inventory where you can see it). If you are about to be invaded, the soap stone should turn dark disabling you from placing it down. This will give you an opportunity to go into options and quit the game as opposed to getting invaded and having to either pull your internet cord or turning off your system. Note that this will not work if you have a phantom allied summoned.

    Second technique involves making it easier for you to find friends.
    There are 4 servers to Dark Souls I believe and the fact that it doesn't tell you what server you're in makes it incredibly difficult for you to find your friends. Instead of having your ghost buddy place down a soul sign and giving the potential of being summoned by other people (creating a waste of time and frustration) have that friend place down a message of some sort. Then the summoner can just keep quitting and reentering (thus changing servers) until he sees your specific message. Then the summoner can tell that person to put down their summon sign and they should appear for you to grab.
    I believe this technique is more useful for PS3 players as I believe you have a "join session in progress" option for 360 players which will automatically place you into their server.

    Take those as you will and good luck! And as mentioned, if these have already been found out and are common knowledge just ignore this message. I did a bit of searching on it and couldn't find these techniques being noted but yeah.

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    A few nifty online techniques Empty Re: A few nifty online techniques

    Post by raecor14 on Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:41 am

    ill add to this knowledge, use the wiki chat for help its very useful.
    sunbros are "drawn" to help each other.

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