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    Priscilla's Lifehunters 7th thread


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    Priscilla's Lifehunters 7th thread - Page 19 Empty Re: Priscilla's Lifehunters 7th thread

    Post by reim0027 on Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:39 pm

    I'm locking this thread, as requested by W.

    But, let me say this. A couple pieces of advice. I'll leave it to you to decide its worth.

    • Please don't leave. You've put too much effort and are a valuable member of this forum.
    • Please take a break, however. It is clear that you are getting burnt out. It happens to everyone, and a break usually does a world of wonders.
    • Covenants are nice, a great way to get together and share comradery. BUT, it should not be taken so seriously that your existence revolves around it. If it doesn't pan out, move on.
    • The most important thing here is the friendships that you develop. Don't let some silly war or disagreement spoil that. In the long run, it isn't important at all. Nobody will get along with everyone. Don't expect that. Ignore the people you dislike and foster relationships with people you do like.
    • I think it you do need to step away from here for a bit though (see above point about taking a break). I mean this with respect and friendship. Go out, do different things, work on your PSN relationships outside the forum. When you've had time to unwind, please come back.

    /unsolicited advice.

    Peace, W.

    Priscilla's Lifehunters 7th thread - Page 19 Reimsig

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