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    Lookin' for quality games.

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    Lookin' for quality games. - Page 2 Empty Re: Lookin' for quality games.

    Post by Serious_Much on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:08 pm

    Legend of Dragoon, my favourite of all time, on ps1 and a must play for anyone... ANYONE downloadable for peanuts off psn, GO GET THAT ****

    I know this will sound dumb, but download a DS emulator and play the phoenix wright series. It's awesome and addictive as hell, as well as a cute soundtrack and some actually likable characters in there. Light hearted storytelling at it's most innovative and finest.

    Heavy Rain- what can i say? Best narrative in a game.. ever. Just give it a shot.

    The HD rerelease of Okami, that game blew my mind. It literally takes the genre that Zelda has dominated for over a decade, puts a new art ideal, gameplay ideal and concept in and it actually beats the hell out of any post N64 Zelda game to date. Great game.

    I have to back up Dragon's dogma. For someone in a rut of the same old crap, something fresh would be good. RPG with action focus and good combat, class system, acceptable storyline and a nice bit interesting questing. Only downsides are travel becomes a pain in the *** after a while, and giving it a few more 'monster hunter' style 'go kill this badass mofo' wouldn't have gone amiss. Still, one of the most solid RPG debuts in recent memory.

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    Lookin' for quality games. - Page 2 2CfmPib PRAISE. THE. SUN. lol!

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    Lookin' for quality games. - Page 2 Empty Re: Lookin' for quality games.

    Post by Uparkaam on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:29 pm

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    I believe it's still on PSN.

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