Counter and Instability Damage and how Leo Ring affects them

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    Counter and Instability Damage and how Leo Ring affects them Empty Counter and Instability Damage and how Leo Ring affects them

    Post by Sentiel on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:08 am

    Video explaining different types of extra damages and how Leo Ring affects them.

    The video is not mine, all credit goes to the uploader knutaf0 and his buddy Virtuosus.
    Summary: (copied for Youtube, for those that want to watch the video here)
    This video is all about different properties of counter and "instability" damage. Here's a summary, but the video explains it fully.

    Counter damage is thrust damage dealt while an opponent is attacking or kicking. It's a 20% boost, and accumulates with a 40% boost by Leo Ring, for a total of a 68% boost (1.20 x 1.40 = 1.68).

    Important: counter damage, even without the Leo Ring, ONLY works with thrust attacks. In case you're skeptical about the footage in the video, Virtuosus and I did a second round of tests to confirm this, and it is definitely true.

    Instability damage is any type of damage (not just thrust) taken while in the middle of various "moving" animations, specifically: rolling/flipping, slow walk heaving, sprinting, jumping, backstepping, and while guard broken. It is a 40% boost and is not affected by Leo Ring.

    We also demonstrate that bows and crossbows deal thrust damage and get the benefit of Leo Ring.

    We show that stunlocking doesn't give any damage boost (thank god).

    We show that kick-to-R1 combos don't give any extra damage, neither counter nor instability.

    Finally, we show that for average latency, the Dark Wood Grain Ring is totally immune to instability damage. WOW. Didn't see that one coming!

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