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    Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?


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    Any tips for getting all trophies?  Can you do it offline? Empty Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?

    Post by Soxette Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:19 pm

    I just got Demon's Souls. I'm in NG+++ for Dark Souls, got all the trophies and am still loving it, but I want to tackle Demon's Souls and get all the trophies.
    Does anyone have tips for my first playthrough if I am aiming to get all the trophies? Do I need to worry about **** to Pure White Tendency? Can you get all the trophies playing offline?
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    Any tips for getting all trophies?  Can you do it offline? Empty Re: Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?

    Post by Dibsville Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:57 pm

    Yes, you can get them all offline.
    In fact, it's much easier to get them offline as your character tendancy won't neutralize. You won't be able to get all trophies on the first playthrough though. You'll need multiple playthroughs as many items (more specifically, boss souls), require you to use the soul for each thing in order to get the trophy. For example, the Old Monk's soul will make the Insanity Catalyst but also the Homing Soul Arrow spell. Thus, you need to get the soul twice by beating the game once and doing it again in NG+ in order to get both for their respective trophies.

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    Any tips for getting all trophies?  Can you do it offline? Empty Re: Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?

    Post by Dubscythe Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:19 pm

    Use this

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    Any tips for getting all trophies?  Can you do it offline? Empty Re: Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?

    Post by gtsoldwolf Sat May 04, 2013 8:04 pm

    Yes, you can get most of the trophies
    offline if you prefer. The World Tendency's event's are easier to
    understand than many are lead to believe. When you sign into the
    Demon Souls's server your World Tendency's are one below Pure White.
    Killing any boss in that world will raise it to Pure White. Dying in
    Human Form will lower it by 1.

    PWWT = Pure White World
    PBWT = Pure Black World Tendency
    PWCT = Pure White
    Character Tendency
    PBCT = Pure Black Character Tendency

    Tendency and Character Tendency are entirely different from each
    other. So you have to remember that. Each has different effects,
    events, and the like.

    You also have a few steps in order to
    keep Pure Black World Tendency, and Pure White World Tendency. You
    have to make your new character online to put all the worlds 1 below
    Pure White. You than have to sign out of the server if you want them
    to remain Pure White. The worlds are reset every time you turn off
    the game, or return to the nexus. I've experienced this first hand.
    It caused me to restart my game a few times.

    Pure White
    Character Tendency can be gained in a number of ways Helping other
    players as a Blue Phantom, killing Black NPC Phantoms, killing black
    phantom invaders, or by killing Colorless Demons. I'll break down
    each one for you.

    You get a Blue Stone when you get past the
    first level. It's like the white soap stone in Dark Souls. The same
    rules apply. Killing invaders can also raise your PWCT, but you said
    you wanted to do it offline. So here is another option for

    After you've finished all of the PWWT's you can begin to
    work on the PBWT. You can do this by committing suicide in the world
    you want to make Pure Black.A totally of 6 times in Body Form will do
    it. When you die in any world in Body Form it lowers your World
    Tendency by 1. That is why it's important to suicide in the Nexus
    after you kill a Boss Demon. Dying in the Nexus will not effect your
    World Tendency. But, dying either by mistake, enemies, or on purpose
    will result in your World Tendency dropping. You cannot raise unless
    you kill a Black Phantom, or Boss Demon.

    There are a number of
    Black Phantoms in each Arch Stone you can kill to raise your PWCT. To
    lower it you must kill NPC characters in the game. The best NPC's to
    kill are the Merchant's scattered throughout the Arch Stones. Filthy
    Man, and Woman are examples. You can kill a few others to lower it as
    well. Three NPC's I don't suggest killing is Black Smith Ed, Stock
    Pile Tomas, and Blacksmith Boldwin.

    Getting PBCT is the only way to get a
    certain Ring. That's the only thing useful I can see that requires
    getting PBCT. There is a ring for getting PWCT though. Pure White is
    harder to get than black. So I suggest going for Pure White before
    going for Pure Black.

    The five Black Phantoms you kill to get
    PWCT are located in the following areas: World 1-2, World 2-2, World
    3-1, World 4-1, and World 5-2.

    There are other NPC Black Phantoms that
    exist within the world. The top five are considered the most
    important though and raise your Character Tendency quickly. This has
    been my experience. Killing them will also raise your World Tendency.
    So you don't have to worry about them remaining Black. Another thing
    to note is that Black World Tendency raises Enemy Attack Power,
    Health, and raises Item drops. Pure White does the opposite. Enemies
    are easier to defeat, but you get less items.

    Colorless Demons can also raise your
    PWCT and drop Colorless Demon Souls. Which are required to get the
    'All Saints Trophy'. You'll need three colorless demon souls. Unless
    you dupe them.

    You can get all the trophies within one
    play through. You can dupe/copy Boss Souls, Items, Stones, which will
    make it much easier. But, it is considered cheap to most players. My
    advice? Would to be Demon Soul's once before trying to get all of the
    trophies. That way you can experience the game the way it was meant
    to be played. Before you decide to dupe/copy items to get the
    Platinum. You can also play it numerous times to get the Platinum.
    One path is just easier than the other.

    Other players can also help you achieve
    Platinum much faster than normal. Much like Dark Souls they can drop
    off items for you. And like Dark Souls they cannot help you with
    Spells, or Miracles.

    Another thing to remember? Is you need
    all the Boss Soul Weapons to get the Solider's Trophy. While you
    cannot drop Boss Souls, another player can drop you the Boss Soul
    Weapons. That's just something to take into consideration.

    Since I've rattled on enough I'll leave
    it with that.

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    Any tips for getting all trophies?  Can you do it offline? Empty Re: Any tips for getting all trophies? Can you do it offline?

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