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    another amazing ps+ free game


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    another amazing ps+ free game Empty another amazing ps+ free game

    Post by passivefamiliar Sat May 11, 2013 2:20 pm

    few days old now but still.

    sleeping dogs. for US playstation plus members is now free, with some bonus dlc even. i had passed this game up because i thought it was just another copy/paste of a GTA game. but its not, IS but its NOT. ya. it would be a long uphill battle to explain in detail.

    less guns, more melle based fighting but it works very well.
    story got my attention, not really but more than a GTA game ever has.
    you can buy food off the street, and eat it and drop it. its hard to explain, this gets to the point of difficult. but alot of little small details make it more enjoyable.
    also, a very very mild climbing/parkor(sp) style is in game to.
    you CAN swim.

    another gem of a free game. i dont know why anyone plays xbox over ps3 anymore. get both if you want your online call of duty fix or what have you. but playstation plus has gained me a more diverse collection and more games in general than i ever would have had the $$$ to get otherwise.

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    another amazing ps+ free game Empty Re: another amazing ps+ free game

    Post by User1 Sat May 11, 2013 2:23 pm

    I've already got this game.
    And I can certainly agree with you.
    This is much better than GTA.

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