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    Dark Souls Gaming PC requirements?


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    Dark Souls Gaming PC requirements? Empty Dark Souls Gaming PC requirements?

    Post by Johnthethird Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:08 am

    How much money would I need to spend on a gaming PC that runs dark souls with no problems?

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    Dark Souls Gaming PC requirements? Empty Re: Dark Souls Gaming PC requirements?

    Post by StiffNipples Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:38 am

    Well that depends on where you live and what mods you want to put on it and whether or not you can build your own PC.

    If you live in Australia you'll pay about 50% more for the PC then if you live in America for example.

    Also if you want to build your own PC you'll save a lot, however if you just zip down the store and buy one it'll cost a fair bit more (and come with a ton of bloatware to boot).

    If you want to run it at 720p then you'll be looking at a lot less powerful graphics card than if you want to run it at 1080p with double the internal rendering resolution for downsampling with texture mods on and fx overlays and forced AA/AO/etc and then if you want to record you'll need a little more power on top of that.

    As always, the more info the better.

    Also do you just need a tower, or will you need screen, keyboard, mouse, headphones/speakers, etc?

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