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    Blacksmith Giant hammer


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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Blacksmith Giant hammer

    Post by Raikan007 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:01 am

    I completed my first playthrough on my new prepare to die edition (I have probably gone through the game only around 6 times, a few NG+ and a new character or two on the original DS)

    I decided to kill all the NPC's I could before taking on Gwyn, as of course, they will all be back for the NG+

    For the first time I killed the Giant BS in Anor Londo and got this weapon! at +5 it does some really, really decent damage for a low investment weapon and is really light too!

    I eventually for the first time ever picked up the BKGS (greatsword) and the BKGA (great axe) as well in the Kiln doing some farming!

    Thats my current build..

    1) I am wanting to test out magic and spells this playthrough (or should I rather start a new character and playthrough as I usually do a similar build to my one above, always pyro happy) or will I waste souls leveling up?

    2) I pretty much have every normal weapon in the game save for the Obsidian/Moonlight/Orstein/Smough/Golem/GSoA (cursed and normal) and a few other boss soul weapons..

    Which would be good to use for this playthrough? I am thinking about my +10 Fire Zwei or the BKGA/BKGS.. I am wanting to also try using buffs which I never use either! I have a +10 Greatsword at the moment as well.. is this a good idea to get to +15.. I can get the new Claymore and go +15 as my current one is +4 Lightning

    3) any other tips are welcome :)and or comments


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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Re: Blacksmith Giant hammer

    Post by IV_Mark_VI on Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:26 am

    Once you are up to this lvl, it gets progressively harder to invest in another stat (faith or intelligence).  The easiest way is to do PvP.  You could probably test out one of the stats, either INT or faith this playthrough.  Either would work with your build.  Faith has more utility spells, INT has direct damage spells.  Take whatever appeals to you.

    Blacksmith Gianthammer is best on lower level characters; its stats are the same if you have 16str or 34, so its much more powerful at low levels.  I would recommend a str based weapon for you, with some dex.  The blackknight weapons work pretty well.

    One thing that you did kind of mess up is your weapon choices.  Lightning, Fire and Chaos are best used with minimum stat requirements.  The higher your stats, the further you want to get from elemental.  A zwei +15 is much better with your stats than a Zwei Fire+10 (because of split damage).  A Zwei +15 only has 1 defence to go against: physical.  A Zwei Fire+10 has two defences to go against, physical and fire.  So you do not want elemental; you want a weapon that has either high base stats you need to use it, or you want a scaling weapon.  +15 weapons will serve you much better.

    This character looks geared to be a quality build, but its up to you.

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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Re: Blacksmith Giant hammer

    Post by ScottyDoesKnow on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:44 pm

    The blacksmith giant hammer is silly because you can 2h it at SL1.

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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Re: Blacksmith Giant hammer

    Post by Micha369 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:56 am

    Why is this BSGH considered such a good weapon for a SL1 toon?

    I have the feeling that it is slower (6kg) than the Battle axe or the reinforced club (both 4 kg) and I can only 2h this hammer. And scaling is only D with strength. So is it really worth killing the giant blacksmith for this hammer?

    thanks for your help!

    best wishes

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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Re: Blacksmith Giant hammer

    Post by TheMeInTeam on Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:54 pm

    Going magic it is probably easier to start a new character, though since you have 34 str you can easily make a greatshield of artorias and laugh at all the NG+ bosses and fast-swap the silver serpent ring for souls after killing them. You'd eventually eke out enough for another stat by 120 or something but still not ideal.

    IMO you'd want to just take this to a ~PvP setup at 120 and have done:

    Swap out power within and magic barrier as needed. Pyros at low dex aren't great but GC is still a reasonable choice in PvE or as a faster trading tool than the axe in PvP. Magic barrier gives you some coverage vs those mages.

    I think if you invest in 34 str for PvE you simply must at least create one greatshield of artorias; you can basically run NG iterations ad nauseum using that shield since its stability allows it to laugh at any attack that can be blocked, if you have the right resistance equipment on (it's not great vs magic or lightning, but with a stoneplate ring and resistant gear you won't take much damage anyway even on multiple + iterations). Guard break is the same in all new games so 88 stability is absurd and is 2nd in the game only to a temporary crystal tower shield. Definitely pick this up in single player if making a str build!

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    Blacksmith Giant hammer Empty Re: Blacksmith Giant hammer

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