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    Dark souls a cross console comparison

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    Dark souls a cross console comparison Empty Dark souls a cross console comparison

    Post by billy_bayonet Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:07 pm

    I had dark souls on PS3 since day one, and have been pvp'ing for the last 2 years.

    I have recently got an Xbox and now i have dark souls on that and i would like to point out some observations i have made on how PVP is played differently.

    1st. Lack of parrying, i have noticed a considerable difference in people attempting parries on the PS3 to then Xbox, same as people seem caught off guard on the Xbox when you parry them.

    2nd, Backstabs are pretty much the same although there is alot less Roll BS on the Box and alot more poise/tick stabbing.

    3rd, General skill level. I find that people on the PS3 are alot better then the average Xbox player about 60% of the time i have had some duels with some random people who have made me work for a victory but the ratio of good to average players is alot more for the Ps3.

    4th and finally The use of Delayed Swings i have yet to encounter a single person on the Xbox to use a delayed swing for chaining combos together.

    So those are my thoughts.

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