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    Bluetooth device problem


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    Bluetooth device problem Empty Bluetooth device problem

    Post by Tchuwib Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:23 pm

    Hello, I've been trying to use my PS3 Bluetooth headset as usual on my PC for ventrilo, but ever since I've had a probelm with my PC Ram where I had to remove them and place them in different slot, it doesn't seam to work anymore. I have a window 7 64-bit and I'm using a Bluetooth adapter on my pc (dongle) to be able to have a bluetooth device section.

    Here are all the step I took:

    1) I've tried to open my mic like usual, it registered the mic like usual. But the "B" icon never turned green like normal to say that the headset device was connected and the headset in the device list never got the green check mark on it. Still, the computer did as if sound should have come to a headset device because the speaker didn't play audio anymore. After multiple test, I decided to start from a blank sleeve.

    2) I've deleted the program for the driver , Bluetooth Software download (broadcom), unplugged my adapter and restarted the whole thing. Where I've replaced back my adapter in the only port that seam to be enable for Bluetooth adapter for the software to detect it, install the driver (take a good 10 minute) and finish installation. After doing all this, I did the usual add a device to the bluetooth section. Did the normal registery of my mic. Here something I don't remember when pairing, it gave me 3 option. a) Pairing with a code b)make a code for me to pair c)device doesn't need a pairing code. I went for C, because A still gave error and B didn't do much either, unless it was my cell phone. Anyway, the C gave me a headset registered on my computer but never connected with it after so I could use is to the full potential.

    3) Here some of the troubleshoot I did to narrow my problem. I've tested my PS3 headset and it work fine on both my PS3 (no I have my ps3 close normaly) and on my cell phone for the call feature. I've then troubleshoot my cell phone (LG-P500h with android) to add in the bluetooth device, where it registered and paired with a code that I had to accept on my cell to then be add in the device available. But I was never able to connect it with my PC to do file transfer or web connection. I've then did lot of google research around my problem, trying multiple set of word to find something around my problem,but nothing help

    4) I've narrow it down to 2 possible problem that I can't check. Either A) it's my bluetooth adapter that doesn't work a fully as it should or B) the USB port com3 can't seam to be able to work the bluetooth adapter right. I haven't figure out a good way to troubleshoot them or find something around them.

    Finally, best solution I could find would be to buy a new Badapter and give it a try, but I'm gonna wait to troubleshoot it with maybe a friend computer. I don't want to waste money before knowing what really is the problem. Please, give me good advice that I was not able to find anywhere else.

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