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    What is cheap?


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    What is cheap? Empty What is cheap?

    Post by Aigaios Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:48 am

    This is my opinion of players that are considered cheap, this does not involve hackers or moddres. When asked what is cheap in Dark Souls PvP many people think about the same things such as:
    -Using spells in a way that they deal a really high amount of damage
    -Spamming magic
    -DMB buff
    -Backstab based tactics
    -Game exploits

    This is what a lot of people now would see as cheap and they would most likely find the person using such things as a new or a cheap player. However if you are an old player that played Dark Souls from the beginning then most likely you used a lot of these at some point. DWGR was used in many builds before it was nerfed even by the pro players and only at the end of its existence did people start to use the fast roll, magic was still seen a bit cheap however most advanced players used things such as Great Combustion even though unlike magic it requiers no skill point sacrifice and is much faster. As for game exploits and glitches, if you were to be invaded by a player that enchanted a Gold Tracer with DMB and then killed you with it you would see him as a cheater, however many good and respected players use things such as dead angles in PvP to do damage with either a GS or WotG and are still seen as fair players even though what they are using is still something that others would consider cheap. If you think about it a glitch is still a glitch and a game exploit is still a game exploit so what gives us the right to hate someone that uses glitches or game exploits when we ourselves use things such as toggling.

    Therefore hating another player because they still use tactics that are now considered cheap such as DWGR, Hornet BS or game exploits is wrong since the only difference is that they are still using tactics that most of use once used and the fact that they did not change is most likely because those tactics work for them or that they are not as good as you at using new things. Before Dark Souls II comes out there could be more and more advances in PvP tactics and more changes in the community's opinion on the cheap things to the point that a lot of things that good players use now might one day be seen as cheap, overused, overrated and overpowered.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    What is cheap? Empty Re: What is cheap?

    Post by Serious_Much Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:56 am

    I think chips are cheap:

    What is cheap? Tumblr_m2jkjtpodE1r9ecpzo1_500

    nom nom, tasty
    Seriously though, in recent postings we have both these threads:

    Not sure we need any more threads pertaining to pvp honour, chivalry, codes, cheapness or however you wanna phrase it.

    Locking this up as we really don't need another thread about this, your post and thread concept could fit easily into either of those really

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