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    A Dark Souls Romance


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    A Dark Souls Romance Empty A Dark Souls Romance

    Post by >Brave< Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:06 pm

    The Fire god is mentioned only once in all of dark souls through an item description. Who is he and what role does he play in the world in and outside of Lordran? He could possibly be the being that witches of izalith and all who study pyromancy worship; linking the attribute of pyromancy and his title is easy enough. Could he be the influence for pyromancy in the great swamp, a way to deal in fire without worshipping the dragons? Chaos pyromancy may even be considered taboo because it modifies the original art into a humanity craving study.
    What of the relationship between him and Gywnevre? Did they love each other in secrecy or did they openly ask to marry one another but required her father’s consent? Possibly both but what if she abandoned her post as the sun of Anor Londo after Gywn’s death to marry the Fire God? Anor londo was in darkness for a brief period of time until Gywndolin created a mirage of his sister. He knew his place and upheld her duty and his own in secret.
    So much lunch room speculation.  

    A little extra bit: Dark souls might be based on King Arthur.


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