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    What means to be Undead?


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    What means to be Undead? Empty What means to be Undead?

    Post by ChizFreak on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:59 pm

    This is a response I wrote to a YouTube comment that IMO was wrong. Still it talks a bit about what Undead means to me in Dark Souls and what was the true goal of the Gods (like Gwyndolin) and it's servants (like Frampt).

    "Undead" is a curse created by the Dark Soul. A curse that grants immortality and power. The Dark Soul was split into fragements, which came to be called Humanity, and were given by the Pigmy to the human folk. Still, the Dark Soul, it's a Soul, so when it's essence fades, the "carrier" falls into insanity (hollows). This can happen to any type of soul, that's why Gwyn was able to hollow when he gave up all his power to lit the flame one last time. Still, the "fire" (essence from the common Souls) is not ever-lasting, and as such fades over time. That's why Gwyndolin and Frampt task you with kindling the flame, so you, unknowingly, sacrifice yourself in order to extend the Age of Fire once again. The gods themselves spread the legend of the Chosen Undead, so humans that got the curse/power of the Dark Soul strive to sacrifice themselves to make their age (the Gods' age) last longer, just following an ancient legend.

    Kind of selfish if you ask me. The Gods must fall, and the Flame must fade, so the Age of Men, the Age of Dark, the Age of the Undead, can finally begin.

    What is an Undead in it's essence?
    A man.

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