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    All bad things must come to an end


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    All bad things must come to an end Empty All bad things must come to an end

    Post by Walter_White Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:16 pm

    Watch out - if you haven't watched the last Episode of Breaking Bad (5x16) leave this thread at once! There will be spoiler, and even if you haven't heard of the series, you don't want them!

    So, it's over. Walter cooked his last batch. At first i thought he really would start at the end to cook the last batch, but then he felt, dying with a smile in the face.

    It was cool, that he admitted that he hasn't done it for his family, but for himself. A sort of confession. He made peace with Jessie ("Then do it yourself!") and probably managed to get a good chunk of the money to his family and made sure that there is no thread for his family left. (I loved Jessie for saying: "...and Walter has a zero tolerance policy to threads")

    BUT, i really startet to hate Walter, after he let Jane Margolis die. In the last 8 episodes this hate shiftet between more hate, disgust, understanding and pity sometimes in seconds (in 5x14 it was a roller coaster).
    And i think he didn't deserve this ending. It's something like the good ending. The best i can think of after things went down in 5x13. Where is the punishment for what he has done to his family?
    Or was the punishment the cancer, and he was punished from destiny? The cancer isn't his excuse, he admitted, that it was fun for him.

    He got away too good for what he did!

    And at last: Do i have to change my forum name now?

    cu walt

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    All bad things must come to an end Empty Re: All bad things must come to an end

    Post by twigsterxd Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:12 pm

    Don't change your name!!!
    You are STILL the bad one in the forum silly
    I never watched the series but have heard good things about it. Not into that type of stuff. Anything to do with drugs is not in my nature to watch.

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