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    Armored Core 5


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    Armored Core 5  Empty Armored Core 5

    Post by Yarxov Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:15 pm

    Being fashionably late as always, I recently got Armored Core 5 (I didn't know VDay was out, or in existence.) and I was wondering if anyone else played this magnificent From game, and if there were any tricks you've found. I can already tell that the battle rifles are the best all around and that pistols are useless.(I tried, I really did, but a backup weapon with only 30 shots with low power is not a good gun.)

    My main is a high mobility with dual swords and dual high velocity battle rifles. I switch things out a lot though, I liked the Minigun+ Sniper combo a lot. I started a sniper based alt and the shot accuracy with the sniper cannon is atrocious.

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