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    PS4 day 1 patch disables Drm, (rumor)

    Kiva the wanderer
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    PS4 day 1 patch disables Drm,  (rumor) Empty PS4 day 1 patch disables Drm, (rumor)

    Post by Kiva the wanderer Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:14 am

    So I see a video from reviewtechusa is my sub box, I watch said video and oh f*** if his sources are legit then PS4 and the X1 are in trouble links here ( ) if that one doesnt work then here you go ( ). The DRM part is old news from June and Sony themselves confirmed back then that they originally 180’d the DRM policy after seeing the backlash Microsoft received and from the #NoDRM group on Twitter. The network for both consoles are in shambles and this is speculated to be why watch dogs was delayed. Of course these are rumors from uncomfirmed sources, reviewtech trusts these sources . Take everything here with a pinch of salt.

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