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    The Bit of Everything Build


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    The Bit of Everything Build Empty The Bit of Everything Build

    Post by Noob-of-Artorias Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:25 am

    This is what happens when I'm drunk and there's nothing good on TV.

    I realize that 20/20 for the Sunlight Sword is pretty terrible, but it's designed to pretty much always have a buff, and there's always the Moonlight Greatsword for Backup.

    Never done an Int/Faith hybrid before...seems like it'd be pretty neato.

    Also, I'm consitering buying Dark Souls I for the PS3 seeing as how it's the platform I'm going to be playing Dark Souls II populated are the servers?

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    The Bit of Everything Build DkSLautrecnoob-of-artorias
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    The Bit of Everything Build Empty Re: The Bit of Everything Build

    Post by FinPeku Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:14 am

    Some problems i have with this build:

    - Mid roll is kinda bad. Mid roll with 44 poise is bad.
    - About SLB. Chances are, you will kill your opponent with the power of the buff, or your opponent kites until it runs out. Either way, when you have the sunlight sword out all your points to int are wasted since you don't even have any sorceries attuned.
    - 20/20 str/dex is weird. You have barely higher AR than a max upgraded drake sword.

    This is what i would do:

    You have more vit, more poise, more defense. Start the fight casting homing crystal soulmass. Most people wait until the orbs launch before trying to attack you and that gives you time to buff your sunlight straight sword without getting punished. HCSM also allows you to rebuff mid fight if you decide to attune multiple buffs. When the buff runs out, cast HCSM again and this time it gives you time to menuswap to moonlight greatsword or moonlight butterfly horn.

    I changed the stats and equipment a little bit but tried to keep the idea of your build.

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    The Bit of Everything Build Empty Re: The Bit of Everything Build

    Post by TheMeInTeam Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:01 pm

    Try this out:

    You can pull off surprise CSS from chameleon (chameleon hides the tell that you're casting it, which means that they'll not see it coming in time in the lag often). Crystal soulmass + WoG can be good times, although you could always combine pursuers and WoG instead and drop chameleon.

    As for the original build, it's hard to justify lowish poise and mid-roll. With that build you can't use your INT/FAI combo much at all; you have no sorceries at all (only MLGS scaling) and even with sunlight blade the SLSS will be mediocre like that.

    If you really want a little bit of EVERYTHING:

    This would be pretty fun. You can throw miracles and pyros at full speed (including BF stunlock), poke and roll with the offhand spear, and harass at range/chip/finish with great soul arrow. You have enough poise to trade hard with people since 45 dex + black flame staggers quickly, while heavier builds will struggle with poke & roll.

    Don't forget that wolf ring can trade off for DWGR even bellowing/firstborn.

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    The Bit of Everything Build Empty Re: The Bit of Everything Build

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