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    Shift in Hacker/Modder mentality


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    Shift in Hacker/Modder mentality Empty Shift in Hacker/Modder mentality

    Post by XuitusTheGreat Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:08 am

    it seems as of late the general mentality has shifted from "I can do what ever I want" to "its just part of the game" I love bugging modders and hackers after a fight just to see how THEY rationalize their need to win to the level of modifying their game. However, lately well known dark souls players/twitchbros/etc seem to have just said to hell with it and now mod like it no longer matters. Every Stream I have watched this week with minor exception the person streaming had 99 DB. When did this mentality shift? When did people say "well guess I should mod"? and why do hackers now rationalize things with "I've been hacking since launch who cares"

    Has the community actually accepted modding now? and if they have why? Has winning become so important now that a collective group of the long standing players has decided modding is alright?

    I'm more shocked by the twitch modders really though than the hackers.

    also, before this off topic occurs, a hacker to me is someone who modifies their stats, a modder has items they shouldn't

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