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    Should I get it?


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    Should I get it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Should I get it?

    Post by TheAshenPhantom Tue May 01, 2012 10:55 pm

    I remember selling my copy to pick up Dark Souls. I beat Demon Souls one last time on Multiplayer just for the nistolgia of when me and a buddy would meet up at his place and form a group. I still remember someone invaded and challenged me to a fist fight in front of Penetrator. XD Best invasion fight I was ever in. My build in Demon Souls was kinda unfair to invaders thanks to the superior ward spell. ( think it was ward, it was a spell you got from T knight soul). Good game and is enjoyable both online and offline. Just be wary that the checkpoint system is different and that compared to dark souls is kinda more forgiving in my opinion due to being able to munch on grass.

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    Should I get it? - Page 2 Empty Re: Should I get it?

    Post by erajorma Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:09 am

    Ofx you should get it. kinda miss it, DkS is cool and nice game, even though I guess Demons is better. because it came out before and so is this "new type of game". Dks just is 2nd part of it. DkS sure is awesome also but, but Demons offered the players something new so it was very welcome etc. Same like Final Fantasy series, some like FF6, some like FF7 better but it's usually what they played first. Great games both too winking

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