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    Second playthrough - thoughts?


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    Second playthrough - thoughts? Empty Second playthrough - thoughts?

    Post by Dogwelder Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:43 am

    The first time I played through DS, although I took my time, I didn't really bother much with co-op, invasions, tendencies, etc. and as such, afterwards I felt like I'd missed out on some cool aspects of the game. So eventually I did a second playthrough, which I finished last week, and here are some of the things which I did this time around that I hadn't done the first time:

    * Actually invaded a few times. Died mostly, although I did win the occasional victory.
    * More co-op, playing through a few levels with a Blue Phantom. Good fun.
    * Let Yurt live and return to The Nexus. (Although I killed him before he started murdering the NPCs there).
    * Met Mephistopheles and completed her assassination quests.
    * Achieved PBWT and killed a Primeval Demon.
    * Met Selen Vinland and completed her quest.
    * Met Satsuki and completed his quest.
    * Fought and killed BP Scirvir.
    * Unlocked Executioner Miralda's area and killed her (in both normal and BP form).

    Although this second playthrough didn't have the impact of the first (although DS remains an amazing game no matter how many times you play it, of course), it was still really cool finding and enjoying these characters, quests, gameplay aspects, etc. which I hadn't experienced the first time around. It was great to see how much the game still had to offer when you learn more about it and make the effort.

    So what about you guys? How did you find subsequent playthroughs compared to your first? Did you experience pretty much everything you wanted first time around or not? If not, on later playthroughs were you impressed at the things you'd missed out on the first time?

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    Second playthrough - thoughts? Empty Re: Second playthrough - thoughts?

    Post by raecor14 Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:12 am

    i reacently did the same and i actually upgraded my falchon for the first time hahaha it was had to get into the visuals at first tho..

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