Very large ember not in chest after co-op w/ friend


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    Very large ember not in chest after co-op w/ friend

    Post by Arblarg on Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:11 pm


    In specific, I was summoned by my friend to help him with 4kids while we were down in New Londo Ruins. On the way to the abyss, I showed my friend where the chest containing the very large ember was. (This is my second character, I've gotten it on my 1st character before). When we got there, I opened the chest and saw nothing, but my friend was able to loot it, whatever, we went and murdered 4kids and I was returned to my world.

    When I went down to go get the very large ember myself, the chest was already opened and the ember was not there. I figured - glitch, whatever - and went and killed 4kids myself, went to the firelink alter to place the lord vessel, etc and went back down into new londo ruins to try getting the ember again. Even upon returning, it was still not in the chest, talking the blacksmith andrei revealed I didn't have it and neither did he. Am I screwed on this playthrough now? (to ever +15 a weapon).

    TL;DR - Did co-op with a friend to help him get the very large ember and 4kids, when I went back to my world the very large ember wasn't there - what do?

    Thanks for any advice...

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    Re: Very large ember not in chest after co-op w/ friend

    Post by StiffNipples on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:28 pm

    You can open chests in other people worlds, but you can never loot them or see the loot in them. Chest loot is only for the host.

    As for it not being in your world, I've no idea, never heard of it. If the chest was already open I would assume you've already got it. Or maybe even that someone else has invaded/co-op'd with you and opened the chest and you didn't loot it (disclaimer: I have no idea if opening but not looting a chest makes the loot disappear).

    You can always get a friend/someone on here to ascend a few things for you to +11 and drop them for you.


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    Re: Very large ember not in chest after co-op w/ friend

    Post by Zyrrashijn on Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:48 am

    You could take a look into the chest behind frampt at firelink. It may be there. If not, try the above.

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    Re: Very large ember not in chest after co-op w/ friend

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