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    The Caged Party Boys


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    The Caged Party Boys Empty The Caged Party Boys

    Post by Fenrick13 Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:12 am

    Dark Souls is a gloomy and terrifying game, but it doesn't have to be. The Caged Party Boy covenant aims to spread joy and love to the players of Dark Souls. The Party Boys will bust out of their cage and disperse their sex thunder to the far reaches of the lands. We invade from the south!!!

    Covenant Rules

    • Wear only gear that is skin tight, has spikes/chains/leather straps.
    • Throw at least 5 prism stones per battle to light up the invader/summoner's lives.
    • Make sure the client is taking it far too seriously.
    • BS/WotG/TWoP acceptable as long as performed in the party boy spirit.
    • Always go prostrate at the end of a fight, to show our devotion to the spirit of the party.


    • Contact either of our Lords of Plunder to join and co-op with us to show your party boy power and we'll add you to the covenant!

    Soul Level

    • SL 120 preferred


    • Any covenant accepted


    *Lords of Plunder* - Leaders of the cult

    *Dukes of Booty* - Advanced in Caged Party Boy Style
    *Nobles of Nubility* - Those beginning to grasp the nuances of P-Boying
    *Soldiers of Seduction* - Newest additions to the wrassle


    With arena fights upcoming, The Caged Party Boys will be accepting all recruits willing to party in the colosseum. We will also be accepting leaders for other consoles (PC/Xbox)


    Fenrick13 - Lord of Plunder

    SKREAM__ - Lord of Plunder

    Ephrith - Duke of Booty

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