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    Marvelous Chester - Suppose to be aggresive?


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    Marvelous Chester - Suppose to be aggresive? Empty Marvelous Chester - Suppose to be aggresive?

    Post by Seignar Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:48 pm

    If you don't know, when Chester invades you in Oolacile Township and you come back to him, he expresses his distaste for you. ("You've quite some nerve, or are you just thick?") This means that he is aware of your encounter with him in the township. Secondly, his repetitive dialogue changes to: "I've had enough of you". Now, this might just be me, but usually when a murderous man comes in as says he has had it with you, that usually means things are about to get ugly. However, the dialogue just ends and instead he bids his farewell with: "I'll be seeing you...if you survive your travels".

    I'm getting a vibe that Chester was suppose to turn hostile during one of his dialogue, but they decided this would be a bit unfair to the player who had no problem letting someone who just tried to kill them, live. They apparently did not want to do this the way they did in DS (For those that don't know, various NPCs in "Demon's Souls" actually turned aggressive when their dialogue was exhausted) and instead wanted the player to decide when to fight them. The only exception is Patches if you answer yes to being a cleric. Even Petrus doesn't turn hostile if you save Rhea.

    On another note, I'm not sure if this is true or not, but apparently Chester actually has dying dialogue if you kill him after his BP invasion (When I kill him before the BP invasion, he skipped the death dialogue). Kind of shows how much of a coward he is in the end...

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    Marvelous Chester - Suppose to be aggresive? Empty Re: Marvelous Chester - Suppose to be aggresive?

    Post by CaptanSpudsy Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:56 pm

    He has that dialogue even before is BP invasion.

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