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    Those of Cursed Blood's Thanksgiving Mass Invasion


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    Those of Cursed Blood's Thanksgiving Mass Invasion Empty Those of Cursed Blood's Thanksgiving Mass Invasion

    Post by Rudmed Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:28 pm

    Tis the season for giving thanks for all that we have. I thought it would only be fair if we thanked the dragons that cursed us for the bloodlust has forced us to seek solilitude, murder our family, friends, and neighbors. We shall give our thanks by murdering their followers, and any of their would be followers. Innocents may get in the way, but if they do then unforuntely for them fate has labeled them as colletoral no mercy.

    When: Novemember 23rd 8:00 pm-25th 11:59
    Where: Painted World

    Due to this being the 1st mass invasion I'd like to get an average, so members only need 30 pts to rank up.
    Hosts: 2 pts
    Phantoms: 1pt each
    Dark Wraiths: 1 pt
    Darkmoon: 1 pt
    SOV (EOD drops): 1 pt

    Due to it be the season of giving thanks show your apperciation by dropping a thank you carving or bowing.
    Memebers please post the following so I know you are particpating.
    Forum Name-System-GT/PSN ID
    Other covenant members can feel free to either stop us or particpate.

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