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    magic System ?


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    magic System ? Empty magic System ?

    Post by mr_no_face Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:56 pm

    I though a lot about this lately : The way magic was executed in Demon's
    and Dark Souls. In Demon's one can spam magic all day as long as they
    have spices but risks the player by leeaving them open for a moment.
    Dark souls gives you a limited amount and lets you refill at the bonfire
    at the cost of respawning enemies.

    In Demon's Souls I enjoyed
    using magic on small enemies throughout the level and having fun with
    how pretty it was to soul ray a beast in the face.

    In Dark Souls
    though, I rationed my spells and saved them for invaders and the boss. I
    want to see more magic being used throughout the regular game rather
    than just pvp or boss fights. Sure they make it balanced and reasonable
    to save your magic via enchanted weapons that derive power off of your
    magic stats. but then you are left with a character that uses mainly
    weapons rather than the magic you intended on relying on when you chose a

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    magic System ? Empty Re: magic System ?

    Post by MasterofShadows Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:25 pm

    Yeah, while I was never a heavy magic user in fantasy games, I wasn't too happy with what Miyazaki said during an interview during Dark Souls development. If I remember correctly, he made it sound like he wanted the game to be more melee oriented, in the sense that every character, regardless of their build, would have to go toe-to-toe with their enemies on a regular basis. I think he purposefully limited the magic system to make the game more weapon-focused. As a person who loves to see a huge variety in the players I encounter, I was a bit saddened. I liked the idea of encountering full-magic users to completely contrast with my more equipment focused characters.

    I hope that they find a way to provide magic users with more options outside of the battlemage archetype. I'm sure that it would be much more difficult, because you have to balance it against those who prefer to be more weapon/item oriented.
    Buggy Virus
    Buggy Virus

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    magic System ? Empty Re: magic System ?

    Post by Buggy Virus Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:31 pm

    What they could really do is make you have a large value for your atunement, which gets filled up with different spells of different levels of atunement. This instead of atunement slots, in which really strong spells take two, would give a more balanced system.

    This is because with a high atunement later in the game, you could spend a bunch of it filling it with strong spells, but then earlier spells you collected like a simple soul spear with 30 castings, perfect for use on basic enemies could easily be added to your spells with little atunement points.

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    magic System ? Empty Re: magic System ?

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