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    Shall we beat the game?


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    Shall we beat the game? Empty Shall we beat the game?

    Post by MrJacobobobobo Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:19 am

    Howdy! I'm relatively new to the game (played through it twice, and am pretty awful at PvP) and I am currently getting characters up to the lvl 120 PvP cap to try it out. I want someone to help me beat the whole game so I can get to ng+ and begin the soul farming. I will only need stuff I can find in the world, so I've also been killing NPCs all day long since I'm planning on them all being restored in the new game anyhow. Ps3, and my ID is mywifeandmybaby. Planning on doing this is a short 2-3 hour sessions this weekend, so if anyone wants to send me friend requests so I can try and invite ya'll when we are both on...that'd be cool.

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