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    New Gravelord RP Build. SL 80+


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    New Gravelord RP Build. SL 80+ Empty New Gravelord RP Build. SL 80+

    Post by ViralEnsign_ Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:42 am

    Here I am finally making that signature Gravelord build at SL 80+ for the Gravelord User Covenant (either named the Lords of Misery or the Gravesworn as of the current pollings).

    I would like suggestions for gear and such and stat allocation based on the character bio below.

    I basically want to stick to the basic RP nature of this build but also want it to be competitive, and tbh I don't this the characters bio has any real affect how he will play just makes him have more character. Also I would like to use a set up that is uncommon to the Pvp scene, if thats even possible, and that fits in with being a Gravelord.

    Name: Siefer Locke

    Age: Unknown. A thousand years atleast, though with the time fluctuations in Lordran it could be hundreds of years longer or decades shorter.

    Bio: Siefer's orgins are shrouded in mystery though it has been confirmed that he was alive during the Age of Ancients and privvy to the "extinction" of the Dragins at the hands of the Lords. It is said that Siefers souls was always one of chaos and violence and always had a destabilising effect on the world around him. When the war to claim Lordran was over Gwyn and his family addressed the threat that Siefer proved and destroyed his mortal body and cast his soul into the depths of the Earth, far from Anor Londo and the seat of thier power. However as time passed Siefers soul gained a sense of awareness and over a thousand years he waited in the dark growing ever more mad and unstable, until he was found by a mortal. His soul exchanged hands many times in the next hundred years always corrupting the carried and leading to thier demise, whereupon Siefer would absorb part of the hosts soul. Eventually he came into possession of a Holy Knight whose armour was a burnished gold and carried a hammer the likes of which had not been seen in Lordran before. Resisting Siefers whispers the knight carried the soul back into the bowels of the earth attempting to cast him in the the dark for a second time. Siefer, by tearing and consuming parts of his own soul in order to gain power, finally over whelmed the knight at the last minute, who in an act of desperation cast himself into the abyss before him attmepting to destroy them both. Siefer however survived and passed the next two centuries immobile in the cavern below. Finally after such a long time had passed Siefer felt another presence in the room. One of Death and Apathy. Nito approached the pitiful Siefer and offered him the chance to serve him in bringing about a new age in exchnage for a new body. Siefer reluctantly agreed, 19 of his multiple personalities agreeing to serve the Lord of Death, and swore his Oath to Nito who raised him a body from the corpses of many. Occultists, Priests, the Holy Paladin, and more besides. With a new amalgamation of Siefers own multiple consciousnesses with these new ancient one he was driven only more insane by the cacophany in his head. Finally when Nito asked what Siefer wanted as a reward for his unyielding service, he replied in a momment of lucidity that all he would want when the new age came to pass was to rest amongst the dead as by that point he would have unleashed upon the world the same chaos and misery he experienced while he was sealed away.

    Other than looking as Gravelordy as possible an suitably evil/ unique weapon set he may have picked up by absorbing someones consciousness would be nice. Suggestion away!

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