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    Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges


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    Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges Empty Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges

    Post by Pallash Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:40 am

    Hello Everyone.

    I was wondering on what sl's my oppenents are because sometimes when I invade, they seem to be stronger than when someone is invading me.

    So I looked further into this and came to the following consultion:

    Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges 3378427106 If you are Invading Then you will enter into the world of the people who are -10%/+XX soul levels of your level. XX means any number, wich means that a SL 4 can invade a sl 80 or higher. Example: If you are sl 5 then you can invade sl 4-712

    Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges 3799246625 As Darkmoon there is no level restriction at all. So you can Invade into a sl 1's world, even if you are sl 712 or the opposite.

    Sun You can only Summoned if the Host is living, and the sl difference is withing a specific % of yours and his. I think the lower level you are the higher the % not +10/-10, because some ppl can be summoned on higher lvls even if they are out of the range. I was 164 and I summed a 125 dude. I think a sl 20 can summon a sl 10-30. and later on if yur are sl 40 you can summon 32-48 etc.

    Share your experience and criticize me. happy

    ~Pallash Bow
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    Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges Empty Re: Invasion/Summoning SL Ranges

    Post by DoughGuy Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:43 am

    Invasions as reds are -10 -10% of your level down and any level up. That means a level 50 ican invade anyone from SL 35 and up.

    Dark moons invasions are based on the person they are invadings sin. Someone at SL 100 with 200 sin can be invaded by any DM up to SL 300.

    For co-op you can summon anyone with 10 + 10% of your SL up or down. E.g. a SL 50 can summon anyone between SL 35 and 65.

    Those are all confirmed.

    You example of summoning a 125 at SL 164 does not fit these rules. It seems likely there was a miscommunication there.

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