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    Far East Trainers

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    Post by User1 on Wed May 01, 2013 8:44 pm

    I got a very strange message about 2 weeks ago.
    I am trying to invade someone to get into a FC in the lower Burg, I was sl120.
    I invade outside of Capra's door.
    I then proceed to run up to the staircase next to the pile of bodies on fire.
    I see arrows flying past my head.
    I chase whoever's doing it up the stairs, and see them take the corner to the shortcut.
    There is a phantom in waiting.
    They cast WoTG 15 times on me, I fall off, and die.
    I get a message back, saying "in ur face".
    I reply "What the hell are you talking about?"
    No reply.
    Get rekd. I assume this to be some kind of "bounty hunter", who believed they were killing griefers.
    Turns out, they were the people being total nobs.
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    Far East Trainers - Page 16 Empty Re: Far East Trainers

    Post by Latitoast on Wed May 01, 2013 8:52 pm

    How do you survive 15 WoTG?

    And in ur face is like, a 5-7th grade insult.

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