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    The Invader Trader

    Lord of Ash
    Lord of Ash

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    The Invader Trader Empty The Invader Trader

    Post by Lord of Ash Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:49 am

    Welcome to my store, Im trying to gather certain souls and items so im offering great deals.
    SL 200 but if your lower place red sign if you can't I have 9 other profiles with varying sl

    Items I Seek

    1) moonlight butterfly souls

    2) ring of sacrifice

    3) Eyes of death

    4) Warrior, Souldier, and Knight souls

    5) rare rings of sacrifice

    6) Moonlight Great Sword

    7) Great Sythe (Unenchanted)

    8) Murakumo (Unenchanted)

    9) Pricillas Dagger

    10) Gwndolyn Souls

    Items I offer (Each number corresponds to the item I seek)

    1) 10 consumables or titanite for every one I get/ 99 for anything over 15/ 99 of everything if I get 99.

    2) 5 divine blessing for every one I get/ 99 divine blessings for anthing over 10

    3) 2 of any covenant item (including humanity for darkwraiths)/ 99 twin humanity+ the items for whoever gives me 99

    4) I offer 4 boss souls in exchange for 5/ 99 great hero + 99 off you choise of two boss souls (exept for gwyn)

    5) Same offer as 2) but can be negotiated

    6) 99 of any consumable, titanite, + if you need a certain weapon ring or armor

    7) 50 twin humanity or Divine blessing

    8) Same as 7)

    9) 50 Consumable or titanite pluss 10 pricillas souls (can be substituted for others)

    10) 2 gwyn souls for every one + 2 consumable or titanite of your choice/ 99 gwyn souls for every 2 plus 4 titanite and consumable/ 99 of everything for 99

    I also offer other items if you are looking for something just make a propisition or post what your looking for.

    Message me here Monday- Thursday and my xbox Friday - Sunday

    I TRADE FRIDAY 3:00pm- 12:00am SATURDAY 9:00 am -12:30 am SUNDAY 8:00am-12:30pm

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    The Invader Trader Empty Re: The Invader Trader

    Post by JaxKenobi Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:10 pm

    I can give you a Great Scythe with no upgrades at all, or I can upgrade to something if you want. My GT is Personguy777, you can send me a message or I will send you a message in the near future.

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