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    PVP tank build??


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    PVP tank build?? Empty PVP tank build??

    Post by GTP_Zodicus Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:00 am

    I got my pve tank about done but ive noticed i dont do all that well vs the invaders, so what about a tank made for pvp. I was hopping once i got the palidens set fully upgraded i could at least take one BS but sadly most times not. @75 i have 1100ish hp witch seams ok to me in pve. Is the only way to combat the crazy BS damage more HP? Another problem im going to have is argo, I'll be dealing with a real person so i cant just wack them and expect them to focus on me. I have had sucsess with throwing lightning spears and emitt foce spells at invaders. That usually seams to turn there attention to me. Is there any weapon, armor, spell ect that would get you're attention in an invasion? P.S. I hate havels armor so its not an option it looks retarded, hate it. Id really like to help out in the lower levels with grifers but i just dont think theres any way i can have the HP to take them on with out doing what they do and go pure offense with some crazy elem weapon, witch i dont want to do, its not my style.

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    PVP tank build?? Empty Re: PVP tank build??

    Post by BrotherBob Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:37 pm

    Armor: try the Giant's Set or Black Iron Set (fully upgraded makes them pretty awesome).
    Health: try the Ring of Favor and Protection or the Mask of the Mother to try to boost your health.

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