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    Poison Build: Highly efficient


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    Poison Build: Highly efficient  Empty Poison Build: Highly efficient

    Post by LunarFog Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:13 pm

    I decree, that we start to use the term: plague, which means when a person is inflicted by both poison and plague.

    Starting class: Pyromancer
    SL: 40
    Vitality: 20
    Atunement: 12
    Endurance: 17
    Strength: 24
    Dex: 20
    Resistance/Faith/Intelligence: default
    RH: Gravelord Sword//Ricards Rapier
    LH: Spider Shield//Pyromancy flame(or bow)
    Items: Dung bomb//Poison throwing knife//poison resin
    Pyromancies: Toxic cloud//poison cloud

    Notes: I used Ricards rapier because of the 6-hit heavy attack which guarantees poison if poison resin is active. Because of the high dex requirement, any other rapier could be switched in place and you could add more stats into vitality, instead of dex. A rapier is highly recommended because they're lighter than spears, fast, and have the ability to attack while defending.

    Pyromancy flame or a bow could work and can be switched out if you want. They both have their own uses. A poison cloud can be used to create a barrier and give you a moment to breathe, highly effective against 2 or 3 people. A bow can be used if you want to pressure someone from a long range if they're already poisoned. Recommended arrows would be poison and heavy.

    Strategy: Start with the gravelord sword and dung bombs. Toxic them and then switch to your rapier and poison arrows. Throw some poison knives their way until you get enough space to use poison resin on your rapier. Once they're poisoned, just keep backtracking with your shield up. Avoid fighting them directly and only give them the occasional poke if they leave themselves open for it. Keep your distance, but stay close enough to keep pressuring them so they can't go into their inventory and use a moss. If they have a tendency to heal, then switch to your gravelord sword and be ready to running-attack them(the gravelord sword is actually really strong).

    Once the other person is poison/toxic, then all you have to do is defend yourself to win.

    This is seriously a REALLY effective build. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on before.

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