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    One of those days


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    One of those days Empty One of those days

    Post by psychichobo Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:14 pm

    So, today, I was doing rather well. Helped some people (even at high SL of 42) to beat up Queelag whilst farming for green chunks from slugs. Once I get my fire greatscythe a bit pimped up, I decide to head off to Sen's and finish off that Golem (done all but him).

    I leave my summon sign at the door, and then proceed to get BATTERED by the snake man on the bridge. Got summoned before dying, but resolved to be more careful.

    Same snake man batters me again on the bridge, and the host happily finishes him off. We get to the mage up above, and the host happily dives out of the way of his lightning, which smacks me right in the head.

    I later get obliterated by the arrow trap after the fog gate whilst being slapped around by that snake man.

    So, I decide to go it alone to the top this time and help against the Golem before I fight him. I do well, no problems. Get summoned for the Golem, run forward happily, dodge the shockwave, and he then immediately slaps me right off the edge. Sigh.

    I plonk my sign down again, try a new armour setup for lulz, and wait for about five minutes or so. Sure enough, new summoner, w/Tarkus, what could go wrong.

    I run up at the Golem, roll towards him, and his axe catches me and I go right off the edge.

    Third time! I just hang near his feet and use pyromancy. Works. Happily I decide to try him myself with just Tarkus.

    I get between his legs, he swings at Tarkus. I circle round, and accidentally walk off the edge.

    Before the screen went black I see Tarkus slowly walk to the edge looking down on me in shame.

    So, ever had one of those days?
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    One of those days Empty Re: One of those days

    Post by GrinTwist Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:15 pm

    Sometimes I get bad days for invasions. Every time I would invade I would make a mistake that the host would use to their advantage and then kill me. I don't do co-op anymore but I did have one day in the burg that I just wouldn't stop messing up. Constantly falling for the burning log trap, and I even got cornered by the three hollows behind the firebombers. It was embarrasing. :oops:

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    One of those days Empty Re: One of those days

    Post by reim0027 Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:10 am

    BTDT. Nothing goes right. Its even more frustrating when it is an area/boss that I know I can beat, but still get slapped down over and over. Always a different stupid thing too.

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    One of those days Empty Re: One of those days

    Post by Ezlare Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:34 am

    Ah bro, we all had one of those days. Especially me.

    Kiln of the First Flame, first playthrough, SL 89.

    First attempt: I swiftly kill the Black Knights one by one with my Black Knight sword and get to the white light before Gwyn. I already knew Gwyn was an aggressive push over, so I decided to dodge regularly, which was a very stupid idea, seeing that I suck at timing evades. We slowly take out each other's health all the way to the point where both he and I are about to keel over; that's when I sneeze. Yes, I friggin' SNEEZED.

    So after my unexpected sneeze, I forgot to dodge the little long distance slash attack and die. My controlling survived the abuse I gave it that night.

    During my second try, my parents come in to tell me to go to bed, but I beg then to let me stay on a little longer, it was the final boss, I told them. They agreed and let me (attempt to) beat Gwyn to a bloody pulp.

    Skip to the eighth attempt: I gave in, said screw it, and go to summon somebody for help. I hate summoning people with a passion unless its an NPC. (Brolaire, Lautrec, ect) So after summoning the guy, Gwyn seemed extremely easy. Apparently he can't handle two people slashing at him at once. Soon, we defeat Gwyn, I kindle the flame, end credits, and I message the guy, thanking him for helping me beat this game.

    So yeah, I was filled with a sense of fulfillment and disappointment that I didn't beat Gwyn by myself, but hell, I was happy.

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    One of those days Empty Re: One of those days

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