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    Something Interesting...I think


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    Something Interesting...I think Empty Something Interesting...I think

    Post by alchemydesign Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:58 am

    So far, of all the interesting things I've seen come from the beta, the thing that piques my curiosity the most is that to join the Brotherhood of Blood, one must make covenant with the GOD OF WAR, who in the beta is named NAHR ALMA (forgive my spelling, havent watched the vid in a while), and unless there are new gods taking up mantles or this being just a placeholder name, I'm fairly certain that this is THE God of War.

    Lord Gwyn's firstborn was a god of war,
    but his foolishness led to a loss of the
    annals, and rescinding of his deific status.
    Today, even his name is not known.
    The way he is represented from what I seen of the Brotherhood of Blood is that he turned bloodthirsty, wanting blood sacrifice and wanton destruction, which could definitely be considered "foolishness" and by killing those of stature or possible loremasters would "lead to the loss of the annals" and as punishment his father Gwyn rescinded his status as a God and exiled him completely.

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, so forgive me if I'm rehashing old info.
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    Something Interesting...I think Empty Re: Something Interesting...I think

    Post by skarekrow13 Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:37 am

    There's actually two Gods of War named in the beta.  Plus, every land referenced is not a kingdom or area from the first game.  There's references from the game but it's alluded it's far in the future from Dark Souls which means....

    One of the war gods could be the descendant of Gwyn but it's likely a new ideology or Pantheon exists in the second game (so he could just have a new name).

    Finally, you spelled it right I believe and one interesting fact is that "Alma" is Spanish for "Soul" although I can't find anything for "Nahr."

    EDIT: I posited awhile ago that the Brotherhood and the "Blues" might be at odds since the Warrior class in the beta starts as a Guardian and it's his equipment that references the "other" war god.  Gren adds evidence to the conflict between the two.  I can spoiler that one for sure.  Edit the edit: Can't believe I forgot to add the name of the other war god...

    Faraam.  The Warrior's armor is blessed by the war god Faraam.  The armor is from an order known as the Lion Knights and they're from Forossa

    Gren, the NPC who allows you to join the Brotherhood has equipment blessed by Nahr Alma.

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