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    My demons soul build.


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    My demons soul build.  Empty My demons soul build.

    Post by FruitPunchNinja Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:42 pm

    Im working on two builds atm, slowly, but heres my faithish build. mugenmonkey for demons souls please!!! bounce

    starting class:Temple Knight.
    vit 50
    int 18
    end 40
    str 30
    dex 24
    mg 6
    fth 25
    lck 7

    Armor:Official's Cap,Ancient King's Breastplate,Black Gloves,Shaman's Tabi Socks
    Weapons:LH(Adj shield, Beasts tali) RH(Meat Cleaver!,MS Makoto)
    Spells: Second Chance,Curse Weapon
    Rings:Foes Ring,Cling ring
    Alt Rings: Eternal Warrior's Ring,Ring of Great Strength,Regenerator's Ring, Clever Rat's Ring

    well yea thats it, i would love to hear suggestions from people with more demons souls pvp experience then me. there are a few possible switches im aware of but still need to test(im only sl75 atm) like switching makoto for hiltless and some shield/ring/armor alternatives. I do wish to hear peoples opinions on ring combos for hosting vs invading ext. I love how making builds work in demons. it seems to take a lot more thought then in dark souls. everything seems to have a benefit as well as a detriments,making for a lot of creative combos.

    i so badly want a build editor for demons souls thats on par with mugenmonkey, a lot of the exisiting editors are no longer available for dl since megaupload went under.

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