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    bed of chaos - high poise dash


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    bed of chaos - high poise dash Empty bed of chaos - high poise dash

    Post by bedofchaos3 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:31 pm

    Found the bed of chaos very demanding even with the guidelines. Adding more poise to the last sprint to the middle made world of difference. Requires high endurance.

    1) equip
    wolf ring, resist flames
    Havel torso + some fire resists
    Blocking shield

    2) preparations
    After activating the sides and you are on the safe spot

    3) dash while blocking

    Wait for the electrical hands strike at safespot...
    Dash while blocking towards the L shaped on the right.
    Both of the arms will hit - however doing zero damage...

    4) jump as normal from the L

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