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    More boring build advice (Strength pyro Hybrid)


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    More boring build advice (Strength pyro Hybrid) Empty More boring build advice (Strength pyro Hybrid)

    Post by kazumoshi Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:33 am

    So, on a lot of strength builds I usually see one or two slots for some pyromancy. Most of the time it's just a Great Combustion or a GCF, but it's there. Makes you wonder "What about a Full on STR Pyro hybrid?"
    That's what I've ended up with, and it works surprisingly well. Using the fantastic dead-angling capabilities of the Large Club in combination with various pyro combos, there's no need for more than 40 poise. (The hollow soldier waist cloth is just for looks; when used with the female tattered cloth robe it gives that rugged barbarian look that I wanted)

    TL;DR? I have a super fun build, and all it needs is a good shield within 3.8 pounds. Not looking for high stability, but usefulness. (I.E. Fire Effigy shield)

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    More boring build advice (Strength pyro Hybrid) Empty Re: More boring build advice (Strength pyro Hybrid)

    Post by WyrmHero Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:42 am

    I had one and it didn't work as well. I would choose GC because it's already fast enough and maybe Fire Whip, but GFB and Fire Tempest really need the boost to connect in PvP. I'm talking about dueling, on invasions it is viable because of noobness.

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