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    Xbox360CE Problems


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    Xbox360CE Problems Empty Xbox360CE Problems

    Post by Blazewind Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:50 pm

    I'm using an Wii Classic controller and Mayflash Wii Classic to USB adapter to play and I just started playing today. I'm having some problems though using Xbox360ce.

    For the Wii Classic Pro, the L and R buttons don't work even though the program detects the inputs. For both the Wii Classic regular and Wii Classic Pro, my character is incapable of running. Tried fiddling around with Deadzones and Anti-Deadzones, but nothing's worked so far... Although I suspect it's because I don't actually know what the hell I'm doing. Can anyone more experienced with hooking up a controller to the game give me some advice?

    Edit: So it turns out I CAN play this game without using Xbox360CE, however I still run into the same issue with running as I have while using Xbox360CE. Incapable of running, and the buttons are mapped in a weird way (No menu button anymore). Any ideas on how to get the control sticks working properly would be appreciated. Being the first person to attempt to WALK through the entire game sounds challenging but not very fun.

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