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    Help with a Faith/Int build?

    Steel Dragon74
    Steel Dragon74

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    Help with a Faith/Int build? Empty Help with a Faith/Int build?

    Post by Steel Dragon74 Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:02 am

    I decided the other day that I wanted to make a PVP build that is different to my norm and finally decided to make a Faith/Int build because even though I have used them a couple of times before I dont use them very often and haven't made one since the patch and the DLC

    Anyway I was wondering if you guys could help me put one together

    Here are a few things that I would like for the build:

    Level: 100 or 120 (whichever is more popular on the PS3 at the moment)

    Roll Type: Fast Roll

    Must have spells: Pursuers, Dark Bead, Great Lightning Spear, Karmatic Justice

    Optional spells: WoG, Dark Orb, Dark Fog, TWoP, Emit Force

    Weapon: Something that has a good moveset and works well with Faith/Int without cutting to much into the other stats. E.g Enchanted/Occult BSS or MLGS

    Armor: Something that looks good and is relativly effective

    Other information that may be helpful:
    1. At 40 faith the Darkmoon catalyst beats all cats at 32 Int except the TCC and Manus
    (I will add more here as it comes to me)

    Thanks for any help you can provide

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    Help with a Faith/Int build? Empty Re: Help with a Faith/Int build?

    Post by AzureCrow Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:17 am

    Something like this would work,

    You should go with higher int than faith as it will give you access to more spells and higher damage for them where as your miracles won't be as effective a primary attack.

    If you aren't carrying a buff try the fury sword as it will do more fire damage than an enchanted weapon's magic and has a wide attack area. With these stats you could freely switch between Falchion, shotel, and balder SS. If you can make and enchanted +4 and +14 of each to give yourself the most options.

    Definitely a viable build at 120 hope this helps Praise the Sun

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