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    Characters of Dark Souls II (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

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    Characters of Dark Souls II (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?) Empty Characters of Dark Souls II (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

    Post by Sentiel Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:41 pm

    A stoic knight of shining light, that will share and aid the player in his journey, overcoming severe hardships, only to meet his end in the hands of despair.

    A sly merchant who will try to kill the player, by luring him into a trap, which is supposedly with treasure, thinking that a trinket and a few words of apology will be enough to save his life.

    A merry knight in heavy armor, wielding a huge sword, trying to provide help on the player's journey, with a knack for getting into trouble and fighting what he can't handle.

    A warrior who lost all hope and while he tries to help the player with useful tips, he fails to utilize them himself and ends up refusing to fight anymore.

    A maiden of mysterious origin, who welcomes the player in the sanctuary that he can call home, whilst offering invaluable services and few words of aid.

    An enigmatic character who wishes the player no harm, yet guards a powerful weapon, which is usually sought by the player and will prove to be quite a challenge if forced to defend itself.

    A mysterious crow interested in a very peculiar sort of trinkets, offering to trade them for valuables in quite a strange manner.

    A shadowy character with sinister intentions, that can make the player's journey somewhat miserable.

    A strange natured warrior from a faraway land, seeking rare weapons.

    A skilled and old blacksmith, who will gladly offer the player his services and proves to be a fearsome enemy if crossed.

    A hard to locate, black robed woman with suprisingly positive attitude, willing to teach the player forbidden spells of questionable nature.

    A person with a secret agenda, covering it's intentions in lies and deceit, seeking the death of others.

    An ancient diety, sending the player on his journey, which in the end has more to offer, than was originally told.

    A group of extremely skilled knights, who serve a ruler, that the player fights against and has to face them on his journey.

    A wicked and brutal executioner, with unyielding devotion to it's master and it's own job.

    A bow wielding woman of unknown nature, with almost legendary skills.

    A sorcerer seeking his master and mentor, asking for the players aid in his quest as he cannot complete it by himself.

    A saint with pure intentions, that are somehow hampered and she inevitably meets a sad and tragic end.

    A false god from times long forgotten, worshipped by many, yet none of it's worshipers know it's true identity.

    All of these characters are present in both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, so I expect to find similar characters, if not outright the same (in some cases) in Dark Souls II.

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    Characters of Dark Souls II (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?) Empty Re: Characters of Dark Souls II (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

    Post by R3dlace Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:37 pm

    Patches will definitely be in Dark Souls 2.

    I mean, maybe not but I'm pretty optimistic about it.

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