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    Despair Shall become you : Alpha and the omega

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    Despair Shall become you : Alpha and the omega Empty Despair Shall become you : Alpha and the omega

    Post by billy_bayonet Sun May 05, 2013 5:44 am

    The Twilight City of the Gods had been torn Asunder, As Fire rose into the Sky And the sun slowly Faded Only dark Remained.

    Abel Stood in the Chapel once a testement to the Gods power, Slowly he walked out into the City To see the remnants of the Guardian forces holding the Last line of defense Valiantly "The Wolf" Abel spoke in a calm tone that chilled many to the Bone.

    "My lord The Guardian lines are about to Broken, But The Wolf and the Matrix are prooving Stronger then we had anticipated" Abel ran a blade across the Darkstalkers throat killing him, As marius looked in horror at such disregard for His own brothers, Abel kicked the body down the stairs and uttered three words "Send in the Shadow"

    After a long and brutal Battle The guardian Line had finally broken and the last remnants had been slaughtered, Over in the Distance Abel Saw The wolf Making an escape to Sens fortress, The Shadow was hot on his Tail Abel nodded to Marius to follow them to make sure the deed was done.

    The wolf with scythe in hand turn around and Engaged the Shadow the blades Clashing with flashes of white light, Marius caught up with the Two and watched from a distance,
    There battle reached Sens fortress and as they made there way down never yielding to the other Marius noted The wolf had grown in power "shall have to keep an eye on this one" The Shadow pushed Wolf Down some stairs and jumped down next to him Kicking his great Scythe just out reach he unsheathed His Estoc, The wolf jumped to his feet Grabbing shadow And Ramming him into the wall only to feel the hard cold steel Pierce his chest He turned and stumbled Forward Clutching the wound Before dropping to his Knees.

    Shadow raised his Sword ready to Sever the wolfs head when Marius Stepped in "That's Enough, Return to New londo I will deal with this traitor" The shadow bowed and leaped from sens roof. Marius Knelt next to Wolfs Body "I Once called you brother. You stood at my Side in the Archives War, Abel says you are to be Crucified infront of the Painting as a testiment to All, Never Betray him" Marius grabbed wolfs Helm and ripped it off to look into his eyes "You fought like no other i have seen, And that is not fitting of a warriors Death" As Wolf Passed out he saw Marius Lift up his body, He awoke in the painting surrounded by the Rest of the Exiles "The Darkstalker brought you home, But he said you will be Branded a traitor and Never allowed in the Dark lords sight again"

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