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    Zweihander vs claymore


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    Zweihander vs claymore Empty Zweihander vs claymore

    Post by joemann Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:49 pm

    Which of these is better for a lvl 99 build?
    I just began a new character (knight class) and I'm going to use one, or possibly both.
    Current stats are: Vit-15, Att-10, End-17, Str-24, Dex-12, Resis-10, Intell-9, Faith-11.

    I'm looking at taking Vit and End to 40 and if I decided to go with the claymore take Str and Dex to 30 (thus a quality build). I could drop Vit and End to 30 and move Str and dex to 40, or I could just put them all at 35.

    However, if I use the zweihander, what would a better investment be?
    I am not going to invest at all in intell or faith, so the weapon(s) will be +15 at some point.

    As for armor, I am going to use heavier armor (not giants or Havel's), probably black iron, elite knight, maybe a mix-match of smough plus something else.

    Thanks Ladies and Gents for any advice given.

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    Zweihander vs claymore Empty Re: Zweihander vs claymore

    Post by ScottyDoesKnow Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:49 pm

    They're both best in quality builds, which one you use is really up to you. For quality build you want to get to 27str/40dex, since str gets a 1.5x bonus when you 2hand it (27 x 1.5 = 40.5). If you're going to PvP you want to try to at least have around 1500hp as well.

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