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    Self-gravelording Empty Self-gravelording

    Post by Plantinum Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:38 pm

    I don't know if it is against forum regulations to post this link as it is a hack, but you guys should check out this link:

    It is a self-hack script to inflict the Gravelord status on yourself, resulting in the spawning of Gravelord phantoms in every area. And it is applicable from NG! ^^

    Always wished you didn't have to wait till NG+ to be gravelorded, and now you don't have to Joy

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    Self-gravelording Empty Re: Self-gravelording

    Post by kettpower Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:44 am

    i totally agree with Platinum, definitely worth checking this out! finally a useful mod...

    as it involves a cheat engine/table to get it working i would back-up my saves before trying it. once you've installed everything you can experience gravelord status in every area. an entire playthrough with black phantoms in every area is possible, so finally "pure black world tendency" in dark souls

    - works not matter if the area boss is alive or dead
    - online play is possible, so you can summon people to play through the "gravelorded" levels with you
    - as OP said, no NG+ needed

    tried it recently in anor londo, and it was by far the funniest coop session i've had lately. got even messages from invaders, who admired what was going on in my world!

    edit: if it's against forum rules to mention something like that, pls just delete this post. i do not want to encourage hacking/cheating in any way!

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