Poise- yes, no and why?


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    Poise- yes, no and why? - Page 6 Empty Re: Poise- yes, no and why?

    Post by passivefamiliar on Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:58 pm

    just recently ps plus added kingdoms of amalur to the instant game collection. and after picking it up, i miss poise. it is a difficult thing to balance and we all have varied opinions about it. but in general i think we need it. in kingdoms of amalur there are this little tree sprite things, very small, dog sized or smaller and they stagger you instantly and interupt your attack even as a heavily armored full on knight. its rather annoying. needs some poise.

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    Poise- yes, no and why? - Page 6 Empty Re: Poise- yes, no and why?

    Post by XuitusTheGreat on Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:39 pm

    ok ok recap time:

    STR needed for heavy armor = only STR builds get poise

    Endurance broken into two stats: Heavy people gonna fat roll unless they make a sacrafice

    Dex Builds with no poise have no need to put points into high equip load = can pump agility

    Agility makes you faster and gives you the ability to raise shield WHILE being stun locked (Some guy pumped agility to 50 and could raise a shield mid stun lock during beta)

    STR builds gonna fat roll with all the poise

    Dex builds gonna dodge everything with no poise

    Quality builds are gonna require BIG sacrifice because no longer does two handing gives u +50% str

    I am 100% behind everything about this, this means that now dex builds will require dexterity (death of havel dex builds yay) this also means that fast roll builds will be FASTER and more agile than they are now. I have fought many many MANY people who through fast rolls and no poise could dance around my fat roll pure str build lol, in the time it took for me to swing once they could move in hit me and dodge out by the time i swung. This mechanic will become the main attack style for dex builds and is quite viable. Also agility impoves parry speed and blocking so dex builds will be able to block faster, parry faster, dodge faster, and overall RUN faster. The trade off is that STR builds will be slow, super tanks that one wrong move means ur death against. I think From nailed balancing poise for the upcoming game. Obviously this is very early info and more is to be learned but so far I love the new changes to poise that answer a lot of the concerns in this thread.

    This also allows for there to be a possible wolf wrong (hopefully nerfed) since what harm will MORE poise do to a STR build and it would allow dex builds to have it if they need it ( I hope it only gives like 20 or something or even better 40 poise if nude 20 if u wear ANYTHING). Moreover should a dex build have the wolf ring they cant use it to stack more poise ( like this 77 poise fast roll dex do it all build http://mmdks.com/4geh ) because heavy poise items require STR a build like that can't exist because it takes use of a single high poise item. I like that heavy armor is being treated like a Great Shield, it just makes more logical sense.

    edit: and to anyone who thinks you can't win unless you do have poise just play a fat roll str build for a week and have people roll around and poke you with a rapier till you die, you'll change your mind lol

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