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    Check out my build/tactics/set-up


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    AHS DaNiTh
    AHS DaNiTh

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    Check out my build/tactics/set-up Empty Check out my build/tactics/set-up

    Post by AHS DaNiTh Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:40 am

    Ok, first of all im new here, Hi. XBL and GT: AHS DaNiTh

    To begin I want to show my stats at my current SL 105
    VIT 30ish
    END 40
    ATT 12
    DEX 18
    STR 24
    INT 40
    FTH 8

    My Gear is as follows:
    Mask of Father
    Iron Golem Chest +5
    Smough arms
    Smough legs
    Ninja Flip

    Right hand: Falcion +14, Zwiehander +14
    Left hand: Grass Crest +14, Izalith catalyst (how do i get logans?)

    Spells:CMW and Soul Spear (may use 2 CMW and use TCC)

    TBH i was making a MGS build with astoras GS as back-up but soon fell in love with the Falcion and Zwiehander. I use the heavy armor so i can poise tank Greatswords and Stun my opponent before I get stunned. I 2H both weapons and occationally 1H the zwiehander and I use CMW on both weapons obviously.

    Falcion tactics:
    When i enchant this weapon on heavily armored people i deal roughly 300dmg per hit and against lightly armored people i deal about 500dmg. I also deal about 30-50 dmg through shields which is nice. Mainly if they are turtling I will swing away at their shields and usually stun lock them if they just sit and block (didnt expect a stun lock huh?) and get about 1-2 hits in before in out of stamina. I use the R2 combo if they are not even backing up and turtling and roll R1 for the bigger weapons and go attack until they get stunned (if they are in lock-on they will miss the second hit also big grin . I use this against Greatswords and bigger, spears, and katana's because I tend to be able to stun lock the smaller weapon users and roll through the attacks or larger weapon users and stun lock them. I win about 75% of the time losing to spear users mainly.

    Zweihander tactics:
    Very common things here, just roll and attack and occationally do the overhand running attack if they lock themselves into an animation from one of their attacks. Usually deal about 500-700dmg and stun lock those who are backstab fishing. I find that if you go out of lock-on mode and over compensate on the swing (turn farther than they are yet) you wont give them the BS and you can finish them with a stun lock combo. I deal about 50-100 through a shield if depending obviously I win with this weapon about 50% of the time (use it a lot against spear users)

    But mainly i just was looking for ideas for my last 15 lvls til 120 and any ideas for a new second weapon (not effective as i would like to be with the zweihander)...keep in mind that the falcion has A dex scaling...THX in advance

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